Program Committee

Program Committee

The Program Committee is to provide new science, surgical techniques and practice in vascular surgery through the Vascular Annual Meeting.

ACCME Standards

The Education Council and Committees oversee the development and implementation of CME activities and as such volunteers must adhere to The Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.  Per these requirements, owners, executives and employees of ineligible companies (formerly known as commercial interest) are considered to have unresolvable financial relationships and must be excluded from participating as planners or faculty.  These individuals cannot influence or control any aspect of the planning, delivery, or evaluation of accredited continuing education, except in the limited circumstances outlined in Standard 3.2.  All volunteers involved as planners or faculty will be required to disclose all financial relationships within the prior 24 months.  

Committee Members

Andres Schanzer, MD  –  Chair Melissa Kirkwood, MD
Jason T. Lee, MD  -  Vice-Chair Fedor Lurie, MD
Faisal Aziz, MD  Loren Masterson, MD
John Carson, MD Elina Quiroga, MD
Dawn Coleman, MD William Robinson, MD
Alan Dardik, MD, PhD, DFSVS, FACS Mel Sharafuddin, MD
Mark Davies, MD, PhD Malachi Sheahan, MD
Mohammad Eslami, MD, MPH Christine Shokrzadeh, MD
Katherine Gallagher, MD Michael Stoner, MD
Joseph Hart, MD Edith Tzeng, MD
Kakra Hughes, MD, PhD Jeniann Yi, MD
Nasim Hedayati, MD Wei Zhou, MD


If you have any questions regarding this committee, please contact:  Michelle Majewski at