Education Council

Education Council

The SVS Education Council is to:

  • Oversee SVS programs for continuing education for practicing vascular surgeons as the primary audience, with secondary audiences in the health care industry who have an interest in the science and treatment of vascular disease.
  • Identify new educational initiatives and opportunities for collaboration based on evaluation of needs as well as innovative educational methodologies.
  • Oversee activities of the reporting committees and provide updates to the Executive Board.
  • Annually review education sections of Vascular Web and advise staff on content.
  • Annually conduct a review of the SVS CME Program; the year’s CME activities and program evaluations are evaluated and action plans are formulated.

Committee Members

Linda Harris - Chair

Bernadette Aulivola
Kellie Brown
Melissa Kirkwood
John E. Rectenwald
William Robinson
Salvatore T. Scali
Andres Schanzer
Michael J. Singh



Education Committee

The Education Committee is to:

  • Implement the strategic priorities for online education and professional development defined by the Education Council.
  • Work with the Education Council to analyze proposals for educational program for enduring and live programs and develop plans to implement those programs.
  • Build collaborative partnerships with internal and external stakeholders representing all aspects of the vascular team to develop educational programming in support of the education mission.
  • In collaboration with the SVS Education Council, provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the SVS education curriculum of online educational programs.
  • Provide high-level oversight of ACCME and ABMS accreditation requirements within the development process of education programs.
  • Oversee the development and reporting of needs assessment, gap analysis and outcome documentation for educational programming.

Committee Members

Kellie Brown - Chair

Christopher J. Abularrage
Margaret Arnold
Efthymios Avgerinos
Faisal Aziz
Carlos Bechara
April J. Boyd
Jonathan Cardella
Dawn Coleman
Leo J. Daab

Paul DiMusto
Yana Etkin
Benjamin M. Jackson
Matthew Mell
Raghu Motaganahalli
Matthew R. Smeds
Christopher J. Smolock
Jacob Schwartzman
Gabriele Velazquez-Ramirez

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is to:

  • ​Identify and recruit future SVS leaders and to develop leadership skills of current and future leaders.

Committee Members

Melissa Kirkwood - Chair

Cherrie Abraham
Olamide Alabi
Ali Azizzadeh
Rabih Chaer
Venita Chandra
Jeff Dattilo
Matthew Eagleton
James Elmore
Young Erben
Manuel Garcia-Toca
Kristina Giles

Kakra Hughes
Misty D. Humphries
Lee Kirksey
Shang A. Loh
Jacqueline Majors
Kathleen Raman
Luis A. Sanchez
Dixon Santana
Murray Shames
Gabriela Velazquez-Ramirez


Postgraduate Education Committee


The committee is to:

  • Identify, develop, direct and assess postgraduate education relevant to the SVS membership in advancing the practice, curricula and scope of practice in vascular surgery.

Committee Members

William Robinson - Chair

Kwame Amankwah
Jayer Chung
Alik Farber
Patrick Geraghty
Lauren Gordon
Jeanwan Kang
Sean P. Lyden
Loren Masterson
Madhavi Meka
Ross Milner
Albeir Y. Mousa

Firas Mussa
Todd E. Rasmussen
Sherene Shalhub
Claudie Sheahan
M.K. Sheehan
Matthew R. Smeds
Jill Sommerset
Benjamin W. Starnes
Gale Tang
Matt Wooster


Program Committee

The committee's charge is to:

  • Provide new science, surgical techniques and practice in vascular surgery through the Vascular Annual Meeting.

Committee Members

Andres Schanzer - Chair

Jonathan Bath
Kellie Brown
William Clouse
Dawn Coleman
Matthew Corriere
Scott Damrauer
Alan Dardik
Mark Davies
Ellen D. Dillavou
Audra A. Duncan
Matthew S. Edwards
Dennis R. Gable

Katherine Gallagher
Misty D. Humphries
Jason T. Lee
Matthew T. Menard
Gustavo S. Oderich
William Robinson
Michael Rohrer
Darren Schneider
Palma Shaw
Malachi Sheahan
Michael J. Singh
Edith Tzeng


Resident and Student Outreach Committee

The RSOC is to:

  • Develop SVS programs to encourage medical students and residents to consider a career in vascular surgery and continue to engage the next generation of vascular surgeons in the Society, including planning for the Resident and Student program at the Vascular Annual Meeting.

Committee Members

Bernadette Aulivola - Chair

Jason Q. Alexander
Michael F. Amendola
Anna Boniakowski
Sarah Carlson
Allan Marc Conway
Chelsea A. Dorsey
Anahita Dua
Sharif Ellozy
Arash Fereydooni
Karan Garg
Karen J. Ho
Benjamin M. Jackson
Nil-Kabu Kabutey
Andy M. Lee

Michael Madigan
Abhisekh Mohapatra
Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar
Benjamin J. Pearce
Elina Quiroga
Kathleen Gomathi Raman
Niten Singh
Brigitte K. Smith
Andrew Soo Hoo
Jordan R. Stern
Danielle C. Sutzko
Rami Tadros
Victoria Greenwood Teveris


VAM Video  Committee

This committee is to:

  • Oversee scientific video presentations for the Vascular Annual Meeting.

Committee Members

Michael Singh - Chair

Shadi Abu-Halimah
Kwame S. Amankwah
Carlos Bechara
Alissa Brotman-O'Neill
Tatiana Chadid-Santamaria
Allen Conway

Alik Farber
Jeffrey Jim
Thomas Maldonado
Nikita Singh
Michael Soult
Carlos H. Timaran