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The SVS utilizes a multi-faceted approach for advocacy with an overarching goal of protecting and advancing the interests of vascular surgeons, and the patients you serve.


To achieve this goal, the SVS engages in traditional legislative advocacy and lobbying with federal lawmakers on Capitol Hill, encourages SVS members to engage in grassroots campaigns via our “Voter Voice” system, and supports the campaigns of candidate and incumbent lawmakers through the society’s political action committee, SVS PAC. By simultaneously engaging in these core tenets of effective advocacy, the SVS has achieved several successes over the last several years, including (but not limited to):

  • Mitigating scheduled Medicare physician payment reductions,
  • Securing passage of legislation to address physician wellness, and
  • Garnering significant bipartisan and bicameral support for legislation designed to ease the burdens of prior authorizations.

SVS members are encouraged to learn more about the Society’s various advocacy-related programs and take steps to become more involved today. Together, we can make a difference!

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U.S. health laws and payment models are undergoing a seismic shift. The SVS Political Action Committee (PAC) works for vascular surgeons, and only vascular surgeons, to ensure that SVS members get access to U.S. Representatives and Senators in order to discuss issues that have a major impact on members and their practices. 

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Federal Legislative Advocacy

SVS has an active voice on Capitol Hill and within the House of Medicine and engages lawmakers independently and via a variety of coalitions.

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Regulatory Advocacy

SVS engages in regulatory efforts relating to physician and facility payment, quality, value-based care, coding, billing, and practice management topics.

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Grassroots Advocacy

There are few advocacy tools more powerful than direct engagement between a constituent and a Member of Congress.

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Political Advocacy

The political action committee (PAC) of the Society for Vascular Surgery advocates for legislation that supports best practices for patients and medical professionals.

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Over the past year, the Society of Vascular Surgery has been working to raise awareness and advocate for vascular surgeons by spearheading two separate “Week of Action” campaigns to help advance SVS’ legislative priorities on Capitol Hill and to promote advocacy engagement across the SVS membership. The SVS utilizes a multi-faceted approach for advocacy with an overarching goal of protecting and advancing the interests of vascular surgery. This includes:

  • Traditional legislative advocacy and lobbying with federal lawmakers on Capitol Hill,
  • Activating SVS members to engage in grassroots campaigns via “Voter Voice,” and
  • Supporting the campaigns of candidate and incumbent lawmakers through the SVS’ political action committee, SVS PAC.

During the week of September 26-30, SVS members had the opportunity to join their colleagues in collective advocacy engagement that increased the visibility of our priorities on Capitol Hill and strengthened our foundational advocacy programs. Activities included posting on social media, engaging in grassroots efforts, and donating to the SVS PAC. Over the week, members sent nearly 200 individual messages to federal lawmakers, spread our message to over 5,000 people on social media platforms, and raised over $13,000 for SVS PAC.

September Week of Action

Later in the year, over the week of December 5-9, advocacy engagement activities provided SVS members with an opportunity to collaboratively amplify our messages on Capitol Hill via completion of their “Advocacy Checklist” and coordination of effort(s) with other organizations within the House of Medicine. Across all networks, we garnered over 10,000 social media impressions (“views”) and sent over 700 messages to lawmakers - the most successful SVS campaign to date. 

December Week of Action

Through these efforts, we have been able to engage with policymakers and the public and raise awareness about the importance of protecting Medicare payment rates for vascular surgeons. We will continue to advocate for fair and sustainable payment rates, and we encourage others to join us in this effort via future Weeks of Action, and other advocacy engagement opportunities.

If you have questions, please contact the SVS Advocacy team at 

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May Update

'Inflationary Update' Legislation Introduced in House

Physicians are the only providers whose Medicare payments do not automatically receive an annual inflationary update...


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Donate to the PAC for Recognition at VAM23!

The Society for Vascular Surgery’s upcoming Vascular Annual Meeting will include an "enhanced" SVS Political Action Committee contributor display, which will recognize SVS PAC donors from both 2022 and 2023....


March Update

Join the Fight: Make Your 2023 SVS PAC Contribution!

Despite challenging regulatory and legislative environment(s) in Washington, D.C., the Society for Vascular Surgery continues to expand its efforts to develop and advance critical vascular-related health policy and engage policymakers to build a better future for our practices and the patients we serve...



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