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SVS Advocacy Week of Action

This week, the Society for Vascular Surgery Advocacy Council is spearheading a Week of Action to help advance SVS’ legislative priorities on Capitol Hill and to promote advocacy engagement across the SVS membership.

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Get ready to participate in this week-long virtual advocacy engagement campaign.

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Day One - Grassroots

Use Voter Voice to urge Congress to mitigate pending Medicare payment reductions.

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Day Two - Social Media

Help SVS raise awareness around key policy issues across social media

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Day Three - Grassroots

Help SVS REACH 535 Lawmakers

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Day Four - SVS PAC

Help Strengthen SVS’ Collective Voice via SVS PAC

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Day Five - Pick Your Engagement

Look here for an update on the Week of Action and learn how to keep the action going!

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U.S. health laws and payment models are undergoing a seismic shift. The SVS Political Action Committee (PAC) works for vascular surgeons, and only vascular surgeons, to ensure that SVS members get access to U.S. Representatives and Senators in order to discuss issues that have a major impact on members and their practices. 

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