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SVS PAC is the collective voice of vascular surgery on Capitol Hill and serves as the political arm of our ongoing advocacy efforts. Via contributions from our members, the SVS PAC supports incumbent lawmakers and candidates who will champion the issues important to vascular surgery and the patients you serve. SVS PAC is non-partisan and issue driven. With over 4,000 federally registered political action committees, SVS PAC is the ONLY PAC focused on identifying and supporting pro-vascular surgery lawmakers. 

Success in advocacy takes resources, and your donations to the PAC play a major role in our success. If the vast majority of the SVS membership pulls together and gives to the PAC, we will leave a lasting imprint for years, perhaps decades, to come. Donating to the PAC is a reason to celebrate because it is an investment in the future of vascular surgery.

Week of Action SVS PAC Challenge(s):

Raise* at least $10,000* in support of SVS PAC

Secure political advocacy investments* from at least 50 SVS members

Make your contribution TODAY.

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Click here for a look at our PAC Investors for 2022 (updated as of 9/26/22)

*SVS PAC is the political action committee of the Society for Vascular Surgery and its goal is to support and elect pro-vascular surgery candidates at the federal level. Support for SVS PAC is strictly voluntary and you have the right to refuse to participate without any reprisal. Contribution guidelines are merely suggestions and you may contribute more (up to $5,000 per year), or less, or not at all. Contributions to SVS PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Only US citizens or persons lawfully admitted for permanent residency ("green card" holder) in the United States are eligible to contribute to SVS PAC

For any questions, contact SVSAdvocacy@vascularsociety.org.