VA Committee

The Society for Vascular Surgery VA Vascular Surgeons committee is dedicated to addressing the unique issues facing part and full-time vascular surgeons working for the Veterans Administration.

Subcommittees on VA infrastructure, research and education, government policy and advocacy, and quality and indications work to improve critical aspects affecting the broad scope of vascular surgical practices at VA Hospitals.  Whether it is to promote communication among VA surgeons nationally through an established e-mail list-serve, or to engage VA leadership on decisions on national policies, the VA Vascular Surgeons committee is singularly focused on the day-to-day operations at local VA Hospitals.

Important ongoing projects include creating resources for managing VA vascular labs and designing and implementing hybrid ORs, developing a research mentor program, promoting outreach to students, residents and fellows through media and VA-centric sessions at regional and national meetings, administering a survey to identify current and pressing needs by VA surgeons, and initiating a quality improvement project for asymptomatic carotid disease.

Through this work, the VA Vascular Surgeons committee aims to promote careers of all stages at VA Hospitals and optimize the care of our country’s veterans.

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