Social Media Ambassador

Social Media Ambassador Program

At the beginning of 2019, the Society for Vascular Surgery launched the Social Media Ambassador Program. This provides an opportunity for vascular-focused medical students, general surgery residents, and trainees to become involved within society.


  • Understand the general concept of social media, the benefits of SVS membership, and be a member in good standing
  • Be an advocate for the SVS – whether that be on social media, within their program, at VSIGs, meetings, etc.
  • Provide honest feedback to the SVS social media team
  • Optional - Post about SVS meetings, articles, promotions, etc. on personal social media accounts

Social Media Ambassador Application 2022- 23

The 2022-23 social media ambassador applications are now closed. If you applied, you will hear back shortly - if you missed the call, please reach out to

2021-22 Social Media Ambassadors

Ítalo Abreu

Zaid Ahmed

Dawit Ayalew

Christopher Cappellini

Marvin Chau

Alessandro Grandi

Alexandra Maningat

Jay Natarajan

Cole Pickney

George Titomihelakis

Tara Zielke

Emily Greenstein

Yazen Qumsiyeh

Sandro Principe

Ryan LaGrone

Justin George

Kenneth Nakazawa

Sudharsan Reddy Yalamuru

Kathryn DiLosa

Raj Patel

Jai Shahani

Indarani Phillip

Nathalie Barsoum

Ariane Bergeron

Donald McGuirl

Ezra Schwartz

Santiago Lopez

Mohammed Dairywala

Morgan Gold

Janhavi Patel

Daniyal Nasir Mahmood

Armando Gallegos

Robert Olmeda-Barrientos

Asad Choudhry

Taylor Haddad

Halbert Bai