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Vascular Surgery at a Glance

Vascular surgery offers versatility and stimulation to medical professionals. These health care professionals master the intricacies of vascular surgery as well as state-of-the-art endovascular techniques. In addition, vascular surgeons build long-term relationships with patients and their families as a primary physician for all vascular needs: medical and diagnostic, endovascular and traditional surgery.  Learn more about the specialty at a glance

There are so many options and considerations when embarking on your career in vascular surgery.  From training pathways to exploring various programs, and finding resources to enrich your education, SVS is here to help you navigate.  

If you are just beginning to think about vascular surgery as a career path, take some time to review the Training Pathways and explore training programs across the country. 

For trainees in the thick of things, find ways to connect, look for research opportunities, and think about the next steps in your career.  


Why Choose Vascular Surgery? 

There are so many specialties to choose from, so why choose vascular? We will let some of the surgeons tell you why they think it's a great choice: 

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