Why Refer

Vascular surgeons dedicate their entire training to address the full spectrum of vascular health and disease. As the only specialists board-certified in vascular surgery, partner with a vascular surgeon for their disease-focused, not technique-focused, expertise.

This includes collaborating to develop patient-centered care plans with a comprehensive approach that provides the most options, including:

  • Prevention
  • Medicine Medical therapy
  • Multiple (endovascular and open) surgical options
  • Ongoing disease management

An ongoing relationship with a vascular surgeon will allow you to proactively guide the treatment of your patient’s vascular disease. Early consultation may help patients avoid surgery – as less than half of those treated by a vascular surgeon require surgical interventions.

For those who do require surgery, vascular surgeons consult with physicians and each patient to provide the most appropriate and personalized solution for the best long-term outcome.

Who should you refer to a vascular surgeon?

Find the symptoms and related conditions that vascular surgeons are best equipped to treat.


Where can you find a vascular surgeon?

To find a board-certified vascular surgeon, click the link below, enter your zip code, and select the preferred distance from your practice.