SVS News and Advocacy

Federal Legislative Advocacy

SVS has an active voice on Capitol Hill and within the House of Medicine and engages lawmakers independently and via a variety of coalitions.

Payment Reform

Check out more information on the physician payment reform

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Reducing Administrative Burden

Check out more information on our work towards issues like removing barriers to timely access to care

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​​​​​Learn more about how SVS continues to support increasing graduate medical education (GME) funding and other workforce related programs

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Population Health

Learn more about how the SVS is advancing policies to address vascular health across the lifespan of patients to address disparities and improve population-level outcomes

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Advocacy in Action

Recent Legislative Successes…

  • PAYMENT/REIMBURSEMENT: Inclusion of provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (2020) and the Protecting Medicare & American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act (2021) to mitigate scheduled Medicare physician payment cuts
  • PHYSICIAN WELLNESS: Passage for the “Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act” (physician wellness)
  • PRIOR AUTHORIZATION: Generating nearly 300 bipartisan cosponsors for the “Improving Seniors Timely Access to Care Act” (prior authorization)

Battles on the Horizon…

  • Payment cuts derived from the CY2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule
  • Identification of systemic payment reform options