Quality Council

Quality Council

The Quality Council includes the following task forces and committees: Alternative Payment Model Task Force, Appropriateness/Appropriate Use Committee, Quality Improvement Committee, Vascular Center Verification and Quality Improvement Task Force, Quality and the VQI / PSO – data registries.

Committee Members

Thomas Forbes  - Chair

Adam W. Beck
Ruth L. Bush
Kim Hodgson
Larry Kraiss
Fred A. Weaver


Appropriateness Committee

This committee is to develop an AUC development process based on the RAND/UCLA methodology, in concert with the DOC and the CPG process.

Committee Members

Adam Beck - Chair

Rocco Ciocca
Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen
Jeanwan Kang
Peter Lawrence
Gary Lemmon
Alan Levy
Madhavi Meka
Matthew Menard

Nichola Osborne
Federico Parodi
Robert Patterson
James Richardson
Salvatore Scali
​Jessica Simons
Jeffrey Siracuse - Ex-Officio
Michael Stoner


Quality Improvement Committee

This committee’s mission is to help all SVS members engage in quality improvement initiatives that are meaningful for patients, feasible for vascular specialists in all types of practice, and demonstrable to payors or other interested parties.

Committee Members

Jessica Simons - Chair

Hasan Aldailami
Michael Costanza
Andrew Hoel
Jason Johanning
Adam Johnson
Mel Sharafuddin
Brigitte Smith
Ashley Vavra