Clinical Practice Council

Clinical Practice Council
  • Monitors practice environment, identifies issues that need SVS attention and recommends strategic initiatives.
  • ​Oversees the work of reporting committees and any ad hoc work groups created on clinical practice issues and provides updates to the Executive Board.
  • Annually reviews clinical practice sections of the SVS website and advises staff on content.

Committee Members

William Shutze - Chair

Ruth Bush
Dawn Coleman
Judith Lin
Daniel T. McDevitt
Leila Mureebe
Malachi Sheahan

Community Practice Committee
  • The Community Practice Committee is a working committee and members are expected to serve on Subcommittees and contribute to the program of work through planning and/or presentations.
  • Monitors issues of special concern to members in community practice.
  • Aims to help community practice vascular surgeons succeed today and in the future through the development of educational programs and tools for vascular surgeons to use in their practices for patient safety and quality of care.
  • Advises SVS leadership on ways the Society can better meet the needs of this membership constituency.

Committee Members

Daniel McDevitt - Chair

Jennifer Avise
Zachary Baldwin
Adel Barkat
Soma M. Brahmanandam
Jeffery Dattilo
Natalia Glebova
Neal C. Hadro

James Jen
Geetha Jeyabalan
Scott Kujath
Brian J. Santin
Tiffany K. Street
Felix G. Vladimir
Franklin Yau


Document Oversight Committee
  • Provides oversight and review of SVS documents and multispecialty consensus documents.

Committee Members

Ruth L. Bush - Chair

Keith Calligaro
Mohammad H. Eslami
Raul J. Guzman
Gregory J. Landry
Ahmed Kayssi
Chris Kwolek
Katharine McGinigle
Erika Mitchell
Patrick Muck
John E. Rectenwald

William P. Robinson
Evan Ryer
Marc L. Schermerhorn
Palma Shaw
Christopher Smolock
Britt H. Tonnessen
Brant Ullery
Greg Westin
Karen Woo