SVS Health and Vitality

Audit Committee
  • Engages independent auditors
  • Oversees audit
  • Reviews results of audit and present to SVS Board of Directors 

Committee Members

Nilesh M. Balar - Chair

Keith Calligaro
Mark Kahn
John Harris
Kimberly Malka
Alan Sawchuk
Benjamin Starnes



Communications Committee
  • Oversees strategy development for consistent outreach to key audiences, including members, prospective members, referring physicians, medical students/residents, patients and news/media and rapid response needs
  • Aligns communications with organizational strategic priorities and ensure coordination amongst all channels
  • Serves an integrative communications function across all entities of the SVS including SVS, SVSF, PAC and PSO

Committee Members

Amy Reed - Chair

Leann Chavez
Elizabeth Chou
Chelsea Dorsey 
Matt Eagleton
Sharif Ellozy
Anil Hingorani
Kim Hodgson

Nelson Menezes
Joe Mills
Afshin Molkara
Ulka Sachdev
Andres Schanzer
Malachi Sheahan


Conflict of Commitment and Professional Conduct Committee
  • Oversees compliance with SVS Guidelines for Industry Support and SVS COI Policy. The Committee shall be responsible for impartially investigating charges of unprofessional conduct brought by members against other members and recommending disciplinary actions, when appropriate, to the Executive Board.

Conduct may be of any nature, including false advertising, unscrupulous business practices, substance abuse or failure to retain qualifications and fraudulent expert witness testimony.

Committee Members

Ravi Rajani - Chair

James Black
Rabih Chaer
Mark K. Eskandari
Michael Rohrer
Vincent Rowe
Britt Tonnessen
Virginia Wong



Corporate Development Committee
  • The overarching corporate relations strategy is to engage industry partners individually and collectively to determine what is important to our partners and align their needs with the SVS’ strategic initiatives/programmatic opportunities (mission work) for support.

Committee Members

 Sam Money - Chair

Ali AbuRahma
Scott Berman
Francis Caputo
Ron Dalman
Dennis Gable

Jeffrey Jim
​Mahmoud Malas
Ross Milner
Lori Pounds
Fred Weaver


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • Develops and sustain a set of DEI measures that can be utilized to evaluate progress on key metrics and initiatives.
  • Determines the need for organizational policies and positions to align DEI initiatives.
  • Continues to study and evaluate inequities in the vascular surgery career trajectory, from training to the workplace to vascular society engagement and leadership, such as those associated with gender, race, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation.
  • Develops or reviews specific proposals for equity, diversity and inclusion projects that can be promulgated or implemented by the SVS and other collaborating partners.
  • Assists SVS in developing an overarching strategy to increase awareness about inequities, including tools to encourage diversity in the specialty and to support a diverse workforce with equal opportunities.

Committee Members

 Vincent Rowe - Chair

Harry Abramowitz
Rana Afifi
Kwame Amankwah
Bernadette Aulivola
Kathryn Bowser
Laura Drudi
Young Erben
Garietta Falls
Andrew Gonzalez
Nasim Hedayati

Omid Jazaeri
Lee Kirksey
Erin Koelling
Rishi Kundi
Kedar Lavingia
Rebeca Lugo
Carla Moreira
Daniella Pineda
Ulka Sachdev
Matthew Smeds


Health IT Committee

Committee Members

 Judith Lin - Chair

Oliver Aalami
Robert Beaulieu
Thomas Carruthers
Uwe Fischer
Adam Johnson
Shivprasad Nikam
Louis Nguyen
Jason Park
Jesus Vasquez
Jeniann Yi



International Relations Committee
  • Oversees SVS relations and activities with international members and international chapters, including development of strategies for promoting and retaining international SVS membership.

Committee Members

Palma Shaw - Chair

Shahram Aarabi
Ahmed Abou-Zamzam
Christopher Agrusa
Enrico Ascher
Ravi Chandra
Benjamin Colvard
Anthony Feghali
ShihYau Grace Huang

Emilia Krol
Fedor Lurie
Fatemah Malekpour
Joseph Raffetto
Fernanda Costa Sampaio Silva
Manuel Garcia-Toca
Wei Zhou

Membership Committee
  • In alignment with the strategic plan, evaluates the vascular surgery landscape to assess gaps and opportunities for the Society to provide relevant and impactful benefits to the membership. 
  • Reviews and evaluates all applications for membership in the Society and makes recommendations for membership to the Executive Board.

Committee Members

Afshin M. Molkara - Chair

Lisa Bennett
Francis J. Caputo
Joseph Fulton
Patricia Garacisi
Pegge Halandras

Shadi Jabr Abu-Halimah
Massimo Mark Napolitano
Vincent L. Rowe
Michael J. Singh
Ageliki Vouyouka


Public and Professional Outreach Committee
  • Reviews content and provides quotes for media articles.
  • Develops strategies for outreach to medical professionals and the public.
  • Supports SVS role in PR campaigns established by industry and other medical societies.
  • Supports SVS branding project.

Committee Members

Benjamin J. Pearce - Chair

Trissa Babrowski
James H. Black
Jeff Dattilo
Alan M. Dietzek

Nasim Hedayati
Adriana Laser
Linda Le
Donna M. Mendes


Publications Committee
  • Oversees the business affairs of the Society’s print and electronic publications including: Journal of Vascular Surgery and its related journals, Vascular Specialist, Rutherford Textbook, Vascular Trauma Book, VESAP and VascularWeb.

Committee Members

Peter Henke - Chair

Ali Azizzadeh
Mark Davies
Christopher J. Kwolek
Gregory J. Landry
Meryl L. Logan

Glenn M. LaMuraglia
Mahmoud Malas
Matthew Mell
Sam Tyagi
Mohamed A. Zayed


SVS Foundation Development Committee
  • Develops and executes fundraising strategies for the SVS Foundation.

Committee Members

Peter Nelson - Chair

Thomas Forbes
Lisa Bennett
Peter Brant-Zawadzki
Luke Brewster
Rocco Ciocca
Peter Lawrence
Ryan Nolte
Edith Tzeng
Chandu Vemuri 



Social Media Subcommittee
  • Develops engagement strategy to increase followers and amplification of SVS, Foundation and PAC messaging
  • Expands current metrics and tracking
  • Provides consultation to staff on social content as required
  • Develops approval flow to ensure timely publication of communications

Social Channels include: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

Committee Members

Meryl Logan - Chair

Dawit Ayalew
William Beckerman
Ali Irshad

Khalil Qato
Jonathan Schor


Website Subcommittee
  • Ensures website redesign and overhaul project stays on track and representative voices from SVS, Foundation and PAC are included in process
  • In conjunction with staff and website vendor, will roll out new website launch plan scheduled for VAM 2021
  • Provides ongoing consultation to staff on clinical web content development and updates, as required
  • Develops approval flow to ensure timely publication of regular web updates

Committee Members

Paul Crisostomo - Chair

Behzad Farivar
Joseph Hart
Edwin Kendrick