Social Media Subcommittee

Social Media Subcommittee

  • Develops engagement strategy to increase followers and amplification of SVS, Foundation and PAC messaging
  • Expands current metrics and tracking
  • Provides consultation to staff on social content as required
  • Develops approval flow to ensure timely publication of communications

Social Channels include: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube 

Committee Members

Meryl Logan, MD  -  Chair                                Topher Everett, MD
Ali Irshad, MD  -  Vice-Chair Elina Quiroga, MD 
Zachary AbuRahma, MD Jonathan Schor, MD
Ana Paula Morales Allende, Medical Student Holly Shan
Roberto Giorgio Aru Matthew Smeds, MD
Dawit Ayalew, MS  
William Beckerman, MD, RPVI  


If you have any questions regarding this committee, please contact Kristin Spencer at