Quality Improvement Committee

Committee Members

This committee’s mission is to help all SVS members engage in quality improvement initiatives that are meaningful for patients, feasible for vascular specialists in all types of practice, and demonstrable to payors or other interested parties.

Jessica Simons, MD, MPH  – Chair Adam Johnson, MD, MPH
Ashley Vavra, MD  - Vice-Chair  Maham Rahimi, MD 
Hasan Aidailami, MD  Mel Sharafuddin, MD 
LeAnn Chavez, MD  M. Sheehan, MD
Michael Costanza, MD Mrinal Shukla, MD
Andrew Hoel, MD Jeffrey Weiss, MD
Jason Johanning, MD  


If you have any questions regarding this committee, please contact: Reva Bhushan at rbhushan@vascularsociety.org