Distinguished Fellows

Current Distinguished Fellows of the Society for Vascular Surgery


The Distinguished Fellow of the Society for Vascular Surgery™ (DFSVS™) designation shall be bestowed upon ActiveInternational, or Senior members who are vascular surgeons and who have distinguished themselves in a sustained manner by making substantial contributions in two of three categories: research, service or education.

Application process

  • Complete the application form [PDF]
  • Submit a detailed curriculum vitae
  • Obtain three letters of support from Distinguished Fellows of the Society for Vascular Surgery™, one from a sponsor and two from endorsers, that vouch for the applicant’s character, professional integrity and standing in the community of vascular surgeons.


The letters of support shall outline the eligibility of the applicant in one, or more of the following areas:

General criteria

  • Contributions must be sustained
  • There must be broad recognition of excellence and competence
  • Peer-reviewed publications are expected
  • There must be significant service to the SVS *
  • The Committee may invite independent reviews 

Research and scholarly activities

  • Original basic and/or clinical contributions that advance the field of vascular surgery
  • Publications in peer-reviewed, quality journals
  • Continued grant support or research awards
  • Independent investigation
  • Membership on a grants review panel or editorial boards
  • Invited lectures and visiting professorships

Professional service

  • Innovation (technique or concept)
  • Exemplary role model
  • Leadership positions in regional or other national vascular societies


  • Evidence of ongoing academic productivity
  • Formal evaluation, awards
  • Publications on issues dealing with education
  • Academic rank will be considered
  • Track record of mentoring

*  Examples of service to the SVS include but are not limited to the list below.  The SVS Awards and Distinctions Committee has the discretion to determine the appropriate degree of service and consider other forms of service presented by an applicant.

  • Member or Chair of an SVS committee, council, task force, writing group or section
  • Member of the SVS Executive Board or Strategic Board
  • Presenter at the SVS VAM or other SVS educational program
  • Member of a JVS editorial board; editor of an SVS publication
  • Service to the SVS Foundation or PSO in a volunteer role


The deadline for all application materials is March 1.


All materials should be sent electronically (hard copies not required) to the Fellows Committee staff liaison, Patricia Burton, at pburton@vascularsociety.org


The SVS Awards and Distinctions Committee serves as the Selection Committee. Members of the Committee may seek additional information regarding the applicants from individuals who may have first-hand knowledge of their qualifications. Applicants who are elected by a majority of the votes of the current Distinguished Fellows shall become Distinguished Fellows of the Society for Vascular Surgery™ and are entitled to use the designation acronym of DFSVS after their name.


Distinguished Fellows are introduced and given their certificates which are signed by the President of the Society and the Chair of the Awards and Distinctions Committee at the Vascular Annual Meeting.