SVS General Surgery Resident Membership

This Membership provides a platform for general surgery residents to gain access to valuable vascular surgery career
resources and promote a network of similarly interested residents. As a SVS General Surgery Resident Member, you
will be able to continue cultivating your interest in vascular surgery, gain valuable contacts in the specialty, and
engage in several leadership opportunities. 

There are no annual dues for General Surgery Resident membership.

To Become a Member

Step 1. Create an Account or Log-in to Your Existing Account 

Step 2. Return to This Page and Click Here to Begin Your Application and pay the one-time $25 application fee.


  • Find a vascular surgeon mentor through the SVS Mentor Match Program.
  • SVSConnect, our member-exclusive, online community has launched! Click here to join the discussion.
  • Opportunity to network with vascular health leaders via events and mentorship/shadowing opportunities
  • Increased level of participation in SVS activities, including;
    • Serve as an SVS Social Media Ambassador.
    • Leadership opportunities and opportunities make a difference as a member of a SVS Committee
    • Invitation to participate in a dedicated task force as part of the SVS Resident and Student
      Outreach Committee, which provides for several students to be directly involved in current and future
      educational programming and activities (i.e. Vascular Annual Meeting programming for students,
      online resources, etc.).
  • Dedicated online resources to learn more about the specialty
  • Various SVS e-communications: the SVS Pulse, the Future Vascular Surgeons Weekly Newsletter, and VAMail.
  • Special discounts on books, products, and courses (i.e. VESAP5)


A graduate of a medical school in the United States, Canada, or internationally with a current status as a resident
enrolled in a training program focused on general surgery 


The term of General Surgery Resident Members shall be limited to the duration of their respective
training i.e. completion of a surgical residency program.

If a resident member is accepted into an ACGME and Canadian accredited vascular surgery training
program, they are automatically enrolled as a Vascular Surgery Trainee Candidate member through their training program.


For more information, call 800-258-7188 or email