Associate Membership


Associate membership is available to physicians who have a demonstrated active interest in the field of vascular disease but are not vascular surgeons, such as scientists at the doctoral level conducting vascular research and doctors of podiatric medicine. Dues for Associate membership are $719 annually. 

To Become a Member

Step 1. Create an Account or Log-in to Your Existing Account 

Step 2. Return to This Page and Click Here to Begin Your Application

Download the application for Associate membership and submit the completed documentation to be reviewed in the next quarter. After your application has been processed, you will be invoiced for the $100 non-refundable application fee.

Two letters of support from physicians are required, one of whom must be from an Active SVS member. The letters must comment on your commitment to, and practice of, vascular surgery. It is your responsibility to obtain their letters and submit them accordingly. 

A curriculum vitae is also required.

Please note: Podiatrists practicing in situations where Active SVS members are not available to provide letters of recommendation may have the letter requirement waived if the American Podiatric Medical Association can attest to applicant’s membership in good standing and recommend the applicant for SVS membership. (SVS membership staff will verify membership with APMA.) 

Review process 

Completed applications are shared with the Membership Committee for review on a quarterly basis. The names of applicants are then sent to the SVS membership for comments and recommendations. The Membership Committee then provides the SVS Board of Directors with recommended applicants for board and membership approval. 

Any applicant who is not extended membership may reapply in subsequent years. A new application must be submitted, including two new letters of sponsorship. 


Please contact the membership department at​​ or 312-334-2313.