Early Active Members


Early Active membership is available to those who have recently graduated from a vascular training program and have not yet obtained their boards. Post-graduate Early Active membership dues are $275 a year, due December 31 starting the year after graduation.

Early Active members will be transitioned automatically to full Active membership once they have been board certified and maintained Early Active membership for at least two years. Board-Certified Early Active members are eligible to transition to full Active membership before these two years upon request. Please reach out to membership@vascularsociety.org for more information.

How to apply

Early Active memberships are given automatically to anyone with a previous vascular surgery trainee candidate membership.  Anyone interested in SVS membership who was not enrolled as a trainee must apply directly for Active, International, Associate, or Affiliate membership.



Please contact the membership department at membership@vascularsociety.org​​ or 312-334-2313.