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Guidance Statement from the Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery Regarding the 2023/2024 Application Cycle

Thank you to all Program Directors and program leadership for your engagement, participation, and energy in making the 2022/2023 Match cycle a success for Vascular Surgery. We saw a record number of applications for residency and fellowship as interest in our specialty continues to improve. The efforts of our collective group in recruitment, innovation, and adaptation to changing landscapes of interview processes have led to successful Match rates for the past several years. This immediate past year, the APDVS successfully launched the Vascular In[1]person for Students In the maTch (VISIT) Trial with preliminary data suggesting over half of our applicants adjusted rank lists based on visits to programs. While our training programs continue adjusting and learning how to best interview based on local rules and optimizing the Match for their institution, we should strive to remain consistent in our recruitment efforts in terms of equity, fairness, and transparency in the interview process. In particular, medical student away rotations have been and likely will continue to be governed by local institutional and regional policies. In response, the APDVS issues the following guidelines to vascular surgery program directors in the United States regarding the upcoming application cycle for Integrated Vascular Surgery Residencies.

APDVS Guidance Statement

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ACGME NAS and Milestones Information

Important Match Information

0+5 Integrated Match

  • Registration opens on NRMP:  September 15, 2024
  • Rank order begins on NRMP:  February 1, 2024
  • Rank order list deadline on NRMP: February 28, 2024
  • Match Day: March 11. 2024

A full schedule of dates can be found online at

Fellowship Match

  • Registration opens on NRMP: February 7, 2024
  • Rank order begins on NRMP: March 20, 2024
  • Withdraw/quota change deadline on NRMP: April 3, 2024
  • Rank order list deadline on NRMP: April 17, 2024
  • Match Day: May 1, 2024

A full schedule of dates can be found online at

Regional Vascular Society Meetings

EVS: September 19-22, 2024, Charleston, SC

MVSS: September 12-14, Chicago, IL

NESVS: October 25-27, 2024, Portland, ME

SAVS: January 24-27, 2024, Scottsdale, AZ

WVS: September 7-10, 2024, Colorado Springs, CO

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2024 Annual Meeting

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VSQE Operative Log Requirements for Vascular Surgery Residents

In 2015, the American Board of Surgery began requiring integrated vascular surgery residents to have 25 cases in surgical critical care, with at least one in each of the seven categories: ventilatory management; bleeding (non-trauma); hemodynamic instability; organ dysfunction/failure; dysrhythmias; invasive line management and monitoring; and parenteral/enteral nutrition.

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Upcoming VSITE Dates

The American Board of Surgery has announced that the 2022 VSITE will be a 5-hour, web-based examination containing approximately 200 multiple-choice questions. The next exam will be held in Winter 2022.

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BS Osteopathic Trainees Policy Change

The American Board of Surgery recently posted a new policy regarding certification of osteopathic surgical residents.  

"To be eligible for certification in vascular surgery by the ABS through the independent (5+2) pathway, osteopathic surgical residents must have successfully completed training in an ACGME-accredited general surgery residency program according to the [outlined criteria], prior to completing an ACGME-accredited vascular surgery fellowship. The vascular surgery fellowship must be accredited by the ACGME for the entire duration of training. All other ABS requirements for certification in vascular surgery in effect at the time of application must also be fulfilled."​

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