PD Member of the Month


Francis Caputo, MD

Program Director

Cleveland Clinic

What is your personal background in vascular surgery education (how long have you worked in the vascular field, why did you choose vascular surgery, etc.)?

I graduated fellowship in 2012. My first love was liver transplant surgery. However after much talking with my wife, the lifestyle of transplant was not a viable option so I chose to pursue a career in academic Vascular Surgery focusing on aortic surgery instead.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? as a vascular surgery Program Director? What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the relief on my patients faces once the surgery is over and knowing they are going to be ok. As Program Director, the most rewarding is watching trainees grow both clinically and personally throughout there tenure here. I can honestly say that my trainees are the best in the world and when they finish they are prepared for any situation. The fact that I contributed to this makes me very proud. The most challenging aspect of the job is juggling all the different hats you have to wear at times (mentor, teacher, clinician, administrator).

What are your personal goals within the vascular field?

My personal goal is to increase life-years for our population. We do this individually as clinicians but it becomes exponential with every vascular surgeon we train and paper we write.

If you had a blank check to change medical education in America, what would you do first?

I would get rid of education debt and loans from undergraduate to graduate medical education. There is no doubt it prevents exceptional individuals from being able to pursue medical education.

From your perspective, what qualities make a successful vascular surgery applicant?

Intellectually curiosity to solving problems, determination, enthusiasm

What is a "fun fact" about yourself that you would like others to know?

My sister gives me a new musical instrument every year to learn how to play. Most recently I acquired an Otamatone.