2019 APDVS Spring Meeting

APDVS Meeting Agenda

Friday, March 29, 2019

10:00 am – 6:30 pm - Exhibits 

11:30 am – 1:00 pm - New Program Director Workshop

Panel Discussion: Murray Shames, MD; Jason Lee, MD; Ravi Veeraswamy, MD; Malachi Sheahan, III, MD; Dawn Coleman, MD; Jeffrey Jim, MD; David Rigberg, MD; Mark Byrne; Cameron Davis

Overview of Program Director Responsibilities: Calendar of Events, Annual Program List, Available Resources 

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the requirements
  • What it means to be a PD, responsibilities and activities
  • Relationship with Chief/Dept Chair/GS PD
  • Recruiting students/fellows
  • Education, VSCORE, curriculum 
  • Creating valuable rotations
  • Preparing for self-study
  • Resident/faculty wellness
  • Maternity 
  • Attrition/resident discipline 

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm - LUNCH (working)


Moderators: Murray Shames, MD; Jason Lee, MD; Malachi Sheahan, MD; Erica Mitchell, MD

1:00 pm – 1:10 pm - Overview of Meeting 

Murray Shames, MD

1:10 pm – 2:00 pm Curriculum: A Common Curriculum for Vascular Surgery, How to Build an Educational Database 

Moderator: Dawn Coleman, MD  Panel: Faisal Aziz, MD; Jonathan Cardella, MD; John Hoch, MD; Bridgette Smith, MD

  • APDVS online lectures, should we build it?
  • What works at your institution?
  • Where to use simulation?
  • Bridgette Smith – QI curriculum
  • Lectures, case presentations, new tools 

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm - Resident Evaluations: Best Practices, How to do Them, How to Use the Data      

Moderator: Max Wohlauer, MD Panel: Mark Byrne; Matthew Menard, MD; Niten Singh, MD; Victoria Teodorescu, MD

  • PD perspectives
  • Coordinator Perspectives

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm - Vascular Surgery Boards: Is it Time to Reinvent the Wheel   

Moderator: Kelly Brown, MD 

Panel: Vivian Gahtan, MD; Anand Germanwala, MD; Brian Nussenbaum, MD; Russell Reid, MD; Karen Wu, MD

How we do it in Plastic Surgery – Russell Reid (U. Chicago)

How we do it in Neurosurgery – Anand Germanwala (Loyola)

How we do it in Otolaryngology – Brian Nussenbaum (Executive Director, ABOHNS)

How we do it in Orthopedic Surgery – Karen Wu (Loyola)

Vascular Surgery – Vivian Gahtan (VSB)

3:30 pm – 3:45 pm - BREAK

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm -Program Directors/Coordinators Role as the Director of Human Resources 

Moderator: Mark Byrne Panel: Christopher Abularrage, MD; Hernan Bazan, MD; Misty Humphries, MD; Rabih Chaer, MD; Sharif Ellozy, MD

4:30 pm – 5:00 pm - Rethinking the Interview Process: How to Reduce Costs, Time for Applicants and Faculty 

Moderator: Malachi Sheahan, III, MD  Panel: Frank Caputo, MD; Mitchell Cox, MD; Jenna Little; Mark Wyers, MD 

  • Applicant/PD Survey
  • Skype – screening?
  • Central Interview day
  • Coordinators role in interview day

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm - APDVS COMMITTEE MEETINGS 

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm - RECEPTION WITH APDVS and AVSC

Saturday, March 30, 2019

7:30 am - Continental Breakfast 

8:00 am – 12:00 pm - APDVS Business Meeting  

Presiding: Amy B. Reed, MD, President, APDVS

 8:00 am - Greetings  

Amy B. Reed, MD

8:05 am - Secretary/Treasurer’s Report (10 minutes) 

Jason T. Lee, MD 

  1. Approval of March 24, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
  2. Financial Report

8:15 am - Program Committee Report (10 minutes) 

Murray Shames, MD

  1. 2019 Spring Meeting Feedback
  2. 2020 Spring Meeting Suggestions

8:25 am - Summary of the 2018 Student Match and Recruitment Committee Report (20 minutes) 

Dawn Coleman, MD and Benjamin Pearce, MD

  1. Results of 2019 0+5 match (Pearce); 
  2. Results of 5+2 match (Coleman)

8:45 am - Curriculum Committee/VSCORE Update Report (10 minutes) 

Christopher Abularrage, MD

8:55 am - Issues Committee Report (10 minutes) 

Max Wohlauer, MD

1. Summary of Annual APDVS Training Survey 

9:05 am - Core Surgery Training & Defined Minimums for Case Logs Committee Report (10 minutes) 

Apostolos K. Tassiopoulos, MD  

Review 24-18 Month Core Surgery Change and Impact on Rotations for Integrated Programs and Discuss reclassification of abdominal cases

 9:15 am - Education Committee Report (10 minutes) 

Jeffrey Jim, MD

9:25 am - Update on Fundamentals of Vascular Surgery Curriculum Project (10 minutes) 

Jean Bismuth, MD

9:35 am - APCA Report: Update on the RPVI and Vascular Surgery Trainees (10 minutes) 

David L. Dawson, MD
9:45 am - Break

10:00 am - President’s Report / Open Discussion (40 minutes) 

Amy B. Reed, MD  

  1. Update on Independent RRC application for Vascular Surgery / Q&A
  2. Venous and Dialysis Case Minimums
  3. Minimum Teaching Assist #s / First Assist #s for Residents and Fellows
  4. Military vascular rotation and training for rural surgeons to increase work force

10:40 am - ABS/VBS Updates (10 minutes) 

M. Ashraf Mansour, MD    

10:50 am - RRC Update (10 minutes) 

Joseph L. Mills, MD
11:00 am - Old/New Business/Further Discussion Points (15 minutes) 

Amy B. Reed, MD 

2019-2020 Preview:

  1. SIMPLE opportunities and use?
  2. Shared presentations bank for PDs to use
  3. Shared evaluations bank for PDs to use

11:15 am - Committee on Nomination Report 

Linda Harris, MD

11:20 am - Committee Appointments   

Amy B. Reed, MD; Linda Harris, MD

2019 Resident Appointments 

  1. Executive Council 
  2. Curriculum Committee
  3. Education Committee
  4. Issues Committee
  5. Core Surgery and Defined Minimums for Case Logs Committee
  6. Recruitment of Surgical Residents and Students Committee

2019 Committee Appointments

  1. Executive Council
  2. Curriculum Committee
  3. Education Committee
  4. Issues Committee
  5. Core Surgery and Defined Minimums for Case Logs Committee
  6. Recruitment of Surgical Residents and Students Committee

11:30 am - Adjournment