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The APDVS presents RPVI modules designed to enhance comprehension of vascular laboratory imaging and prepare trainees for the RPVI exam. You can now access this content on the APDVS - YouTube channel. We encourage you to share this valuable resource with your trainees.

ACS' Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum

The Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum developed by the American College of Surgeons Division of Education is uniquely structured to teach critical thinking skills to first-year residents across the surgical specialties.  This highly interactive, case-based program allows residents to apply critical thinking skills to manage patient care across 94 scenarios, including essential content areas in surgery such as preoperative assessment, on-call issues, cardiac conditions, respiratory management, fluids and electrolytes, wound management, and many others. 


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The APDVS Research Ad Hoc Committee has been charged by the APDVS Executive Council to review requests for research support and/or collaboration, with the intention of facilitating research that is beneficial to the APDVS, its members, and particularly its mission; avoiding survey fatigue of the APDVS membership; and ensuring that high quality research requests are distributed. Research proposals will be accepted on a quarterly basis (September 1, December 1, March 1, June 1). Click here to complete the research request form.

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