VSIG Live! 


No group of patients is more at risk due to the impending United States physician shortage than those with vascular disease. The driving force behind the overall shortage is a rising, aging population and upsurge of chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity.  Recruitment of the next generation of Vascular surgeons is vital to the care of these patients. 

Sadly, many medical students are not even aware of what a vascular surgeon does. As we increase the number of integrated residency and fellowship spots, it is critical that we reach the students as early as possible. On a local level, those schools that have active vascular programs often have a Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG). However, many medical schools do not have vascular faculty providing education and those students need to be reached as well.

The APDVS Recruitment of Medical Student and Residents Committee presented a free informational webinar, ‘VSIG Live!’ on March 25, 2021. The intent of ‘VSIG Live!’ is to allow all U.S. medical students to experience a Vascular Surgery Interest Group meeting and learn more about vascular surgery, even in the absence of a local chapter.

The webinar highlighted:

  • What is a vascular Surgeon
  • A Day in the Life of a Vascular surgeon
  • Options for vascular surgery training
  • Interesting presentations from current trainees highlighting the diversity of vascular cases
  • How to start a VSIG at your institution

We in the APDVS feel very strongly about the bright future of vascular surgery and are excited to reach our future partners and colleagues.


Benjamin Pearce, MD (APDVS)
Associate Professor
Director, Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency and Fellowship Programs
University of Alabama School of Medicine
Joanelle Lugo, MD (VESS)
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Chief, Vascular Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Center
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Jonathan Bath, MD (APDVS)
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Program Director for Vascular Surgery
University of Missouri School of Medicine
Chelsea Dorsey, MD (SVS)
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Director, Preclinical Advising
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Kaled Diab, MD (APDVS)
PGY-3 Vascular Surgery Resident
Houston Methodist Hospital
Erin Greenleaf, MD (APDVS)
2nd Year Vascular Surgery Fellow
Washington University School of Medicine
Guillermo Escobar, MD (SCVS)
Associate Professor of Surgery
Program Director, Vascular Surgery Fellowship and Vascular Surgery Residency
Emory University School of Medicine
Loay Kabbani, MD (APDVS)
Associate Professor of Surgery
Program Director, Vascular Surgery fellowship
Henry Ford Hospital, Wayne State University