Training Program Development Assistance

Recognizing the critical need to increase the number of vascular surgery training programs in the United States, SVS and APDVS have collaborated by establishing the Fellowship Development Task Force to help vascular surgeons interested in beginning new or expanding existing training programs.

The Fellowship Development Task Force is positioned to help these practices create new program applications to the ACGME. 

Resources include:

  • "How to Develop a Vascular Surgery Training Program" Guidebook is intended to help organizations develop new vascular surgery training programs. This comprehensive document is written in question-and-answer format and includes content in the following areas:
    • Introduction
    • Vascular Surgery Training Pathways
    • Program Design
    • Qualifying Criteria
    • Roadmap
    • Mechanisms to Obtain Funding
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Sample PIFs and Policies
    • Resources/Contacts 
  • Access to program directors and program coordinators have generously volunteered to serve as advisors and mentors.
  • Samples of successfully submitted PIFs for the various training paradigms
  • SVS will provide the services of a seasoned consultant to provide guidance to new programs applying for accreditation regarding the development and completion of a PIF and supporting documentation, including the review of completed PIFs.
  • Access to the vascular surgery representatives to the Residency Review Committee (RRC) for questions regarding the accreditation process.

To access any of the above resources please email​ or call 312-334-2309.

Additional Resources

The following additional resources also may assist you in the completion of your application: