Dear NYSVS Members and Colleagues:

It is a great honor to serve as President of the NY Society for Vascular surgery – one of the oldest vascular societies in the country, having been established in 1947. I look forward to working with you all in the coming year, and in particular, seeing you at the Society’s meetings in the fall of 2015 and spring 2016. As always, we will have our symposium of the most challenging cases and give awards for the best presentations. An announcement will be made a month before the event for abstract submission.

I am happy to report that the previous council decided to fund additional grant support this year for the existing funded research grants. Also the “Michael Silane travelling grant” will provide funding support for fellows or residents to travel within the USA or abroad to gain new skills that are not readily available within their own institution. The grant may be used to develop expertise in special vascular procedures or specialized clinical skills; it may also be applied to research or leadership development.

Finally I would like to welcome the new members that joined the society over the last two years. We will provide your certificates at the meeting this fall. I encourage you all to invite your colleagues and fellows who are not already members to join the society. May this next year be the most interactive and productive yet!  

Once again, thank you for the privilege to serve as your president and J look forward to working with and for our society. See you all this fall!.

Ageliki G. Vouyouka, MD, FACS RPVI