The customizable SVS Branding Toolkit helps SVS members communicate their role in comprehensive vascular care to referral sources.  It’s simple to use: 

  1.  Login to the SVS Branding Toolkit site.  
  2. Select the fliers, posters, or brochures that work best for your practice. 
    • Optional: Use the design tools on the site to personalize the files with your practice logo, address, or even photos. 
  3.  Download the files to your device. 
  4. Use them on your website and/or email them to referral sources. 
  5.  Optional: Have them printed and mailed to referral sources.


A piece of the branding toolkit that reads "surgery is only part of our story."

Using the SVS Branding Toolkit is a fast and simple way to ensure that your community understands the role and value that vascular surgeons play in community health.
Bonus tip: If you are not tech-savvy, ask your office manager (or your child or your resident) to help you customize files for your website.   

Extra bonus tip: Check back from time to time. SVS plans to add additional resources for use in your practice. 

SVS Branding Toolkit Resources

If you plan to customize the SVS branding resources, review the following guides for helpful step-by-step guides and tips:

We would like to thank the Public & Professional Outreach (PPO) Committee, under the direction of Joseph Mills, MD, FACS, for leading the branding initiative.