Research Council

Research Council
  • Encourages the interest and development of basic science, translational and clinical research investigators and provide forums for education, collaboration and dissemination of advancements in research.
  • Oversees SVS and SVS Foundation basic science, translational and clinical research activities.
  • Is liaison with NHLBI, FDA, CMS, AHRQ, PCORI and other government agencies involved in vascular research.
  • Is liaison for SVS Foundation research career development awards programs.
  • Acts as liaison with industry regarding research initiatives of SVS.
  • Coordinates and oversees activities of reporting committees and ad-hoc work groups.

Committee Members

Raul J. Guzman - Chair

Adam W. Beck
Luke P. Brewster
Matthew Corriere
John A. Curci
Matthew J. Eagleton
Katherine A. Gallagher

Peter K. Henke
Brian G. Rubin
Sherene Shalhub
Edith Tzeng
Gilbert R. Upchurch
Grace J. Wang


Basic and Translational Research Committee
  • Manages SVS Foundation research awards program.
  • Manages annual Vascular Research Initiatives Conference and Vascular Annual Meeting research activities.

Committee Members

Katherine Gallagher - Chair

Hossam Abdou
Caitlin Hicks
Karen J. Ho
Kathryn Howe
Jason N. MacTaggart
Kimberly Malka
Ryan M. McEnaney
Andrea Obi

Nicholas Osborne
Irablis Pipinos
Elsie Ross
Jean Marie Ruddy
Kevin Southerland
Gale Tang
Mohamed Zayed


Clinical Research Committee
  • Develops and oversees activities that advance clinical research opportunities for SVS members.
  • Encourages interest in clinical investigation and helps young vascular surgeon-scientists with research proposals that address critical areas of importance to the Society.

Committee Members

Matthew Corriere - Chair

Shipra Arya
Luc Dubois
Mohammad H. Eslami
Elizabeth Genovese
Ahmed Kayssi
Nathan Liang
Sungho Lim

Firas Mussa
Anantha K. Ramanathan
Darren Schneider
Jessica Simons
Carlos Timaran
Brant Ullery
Sara Zettervall