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The new reality is that most vascular surgeons will be reporting patient data to Medicare's Quality Payment Program (QPP) in some fashion from now on, with carrots and sticks to inspire participation.

Participating now will mean that Medicare reimbursements will not be penalized in 2019, and ongoing participation will incur bonuses and rewards as the chart at left from the Vascular Quality Initiative explains. Those who qualify to participate but choose not to, will incur reimbursement penalties of 9 percent starting in 2022.

SVS and VQI have provided the following list of handy web links to information that can help members navigate the process. This page will be continuously updated with new resources.

NOTE: Oct. 2, 2017 was the deadline to begin collecting data, which needed to be submitted by March 31, 2018.  Those who have not started yet should consider backtracking and compiling data from Oct. 2 to the end of the year to be able to report in 2018 and avoid a penalty in 2019.


Virtual Groups Election Period for MIPS 2019 Performance Year Now Open

What is PTAC's Role in Fostering the Development of APMs?  (March 2018) A good primer on the MIPS process in Washington, DC

Quality Payment Program Year 2 / Final Rule Overview (pdf)


Vascular Quality Initiative Resource Library - Search under "Quality Improvement" and "Regulatory Guidelines."

VQI webinars:

VQI and Qualified Clinical Data Registry Can Help You with MIPS

Latest updates on how to use VQI Registries to meet regulatory requirements using VQI Registries and data.

Under the MACRAscope: Quality Payment Articles from JVS

Monthly topics published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery and JVS-Venous and Lymphatic Disorders


Accessing your Quality Payment Program feedback reports

Meaningful incentive payment system scoring
A solo practitioner's experience with MIPS

Utilization, patency, and complications associated with vascular access for hemodialysis in the United States
Patient satisfaction and chronic illness are predictors of postendovascular aneurysm repair surveillance compliance

Variability in hospital costs for carotid artery revascularization
Where evidence, ethics, and professionalism converge

Cost measurement in the meaningful incentive payment system​
Use and impact of patient relationship modifiers on cost measurement

Field testing for the critical limb ischemia cost measure

Quality Payment Program compliance and vein center acreditation
Constructing cost measures for critical limb ischemia​

MIPS cost measures for 2018

Quality Payment Program year 2

The MIPS APM scoring standard

Preparing for the outpatient treatment of venous disease under MACRA



The five things we all need to know about MACRA and alternative payment systems to compete and flourish

MIPS: Clinical practice improvement activities
What is an Advanced Alternative Payment Model?

Cost measurement and payment implications in the Quality Payment Program
How to submit a MIPS quality measure if you are not participating in an approved registry

Avoid the 4% penalty: Pace yourself into MIPS by October 2, 2017

There is still time to avoid the 4% CMS payment penalty
MIPS: Clinical practice improvement activities

ACA repeal will not affect MACRA

Utilizing registries to meet Medicare reimbursement requirements
The vascular surgeon's roadmap to success in the Quality Payment Program
Utilizing registries to meet Medicare reimbursement requirements

Medicare's new quality payment program for physicians: An overview

What is an Advanced Alternative Payment Model?

Other Resources

Washington issues that affect U.S. members

Work Progressing on Official SVS Advanced Alternative Payment Model. (Oct. 5, 2017) After nearly six months of preliminary work, the APM Task Force now is focusing on developing a vascular-specific Advanced Alternative Payment Model.

Task Force Formed to Create Alternative Payment Model. (May 12, 2017)

SVS Supports Repeal of Independent Payment Advisory Board. (June 23, 2017) The Independent Payment Advisory Board, created by the 2010 Affordable Care Act to control Medicare spending, threatens the ability of Congress to ensure access to needed health care, say SVS advocacy staff and members. Read more.

Washington Update: Interview with Dr. Sideman. (Aug. 16, 2017) Many surgeons remain unaware of MACRA’s details and ramifications. "There are going to be a lot of people who will be blindsided by this as it kicks in," Dr. Sideman warns.

SVS Supports Medical Liability Reform Bill. (July 26, 2017) Legislation is modeled after medical liability reform laws already in place in Texas and California, among other states that have a positive effect on increasing access to care and keeping health care costs affordable for patients and physicians.

CMS to Cover Supervised Exercise Therapy. (May 26, 2017) Up to 36 sessions over a 12-week period are covered if all of the components of a SET program are met.

SVS Efforts in Washington Pay Off for Members (May 12, 2017) Advocacy staff and volunteers chalk up wins.

Committee Spotlight: What's Coming? Changes to ACA but MACRA Stays (Jan. 23, 2017)

Washington Update: Highlights of the Final MACRA Rule (Dec. 6, 2016)

Priority Government Relations Issues

Washington Update: Physician Fee Schedule Includes Positive Changes