New Marks of Distinction for SVS

Oct 25, 2018

Active SVS members in good standing are now eligible to add the initials FSVS™ after their names to designate themselves as Fellows of the Society for Vascular Surgery.

Distinguished Fellows will be able to use the designation DFSVS™. Learn more about the Distinguished Fellows honor

Announced by the SVS Executive Board, the new designations celebrate the fact that SVS membership is a privilege afforded to members who have been rigorously vetted and approved by their peers for their high professional qualifications, years of training, and professional dedication.

The trademarked designation initials are trademarked by the SVS for use by Active members only. The designation is one of the benefits of SVS membership and is a public acknowledgement that the surgeon has met the high standards required by the SVS of its members and has shown a professional commitment to the field of vascular surgery.

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