Services Let Members be Doctors, not Business Managers

Jul 20, 2017

Vascular surgeons in a community practice think of themselves first and foremost as surgeons – not business people.

Yet they are indeed running a business, with payrolls, payment processing, background checks on potential employees, insurance issues, and many other tasks.

SVS’ new Affinity Portfolio offers two solutions for those who spend more time than they wish on practice management and less time than they want seeing patients: ADP and TSYS.

And SVS membership confers with it savings on both products.TSYS Merchant Solutions

TSYS Merchant Solutions is one of four in-house credit card processors in the United States. By keeping all facets in-house, said Jacob Hinshaw of TSYS, "it helps keep costs down, so we can offer doctors better rates."

One major advantage TSYS offers it that the firm is up-to-date with EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) regulations, a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. TSYS also offers Apple Pay and Google Wallet, said Hinshaw.

In addition, "meet-or-beat pricing" can save SVS members money, Hinshaw said. "Our rates are competitive and there are no hidden fees," he said.

TSYS is the certified vendor of the American Medical Association, he said. "We currently process payments for thousands of doctors. We’re extremely familiar with the medical space."ADP

ADP will provide a 25 percent permanent discount for SVS members who select the firm’s payroll services.

The firm, in business since 1949, is the industry leader in payroll. It helps hundreds of thousands of businesses all over the United States, of all sizes; in fact, ADP works with more than 300,000 businesses with fewer than 10 employees on the payroll, said Dave Bevans of ADP.

ADP focuses on more than simply payroll services. They can assist community practitioners with everything from 401(k) plans, background checks, new hire reporting, full service garnishment and unemployment management – even Human Resources support.

ADP also is the largest broker of workers’ compensation insurance in the United States. "We’re usually able to save companies money on this insurance," Bevans said. "We manage it with it with no down payment and eliminate the year-end audit."

To find out more about either or both programs, contact Mark Blocker at or by calling 855-533-1776.

(Purchasing a product through the expanded SVS affinity program benefits not only you and your practice, but also SVS itself.)

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