PAC Contributors

​SVS PAC would like to acknowledge and thank the following members for their very generous contributions of $1000 or more made January 1, 2018 through January 1, 2019, as well as our donors who make automatic contributions to the political action committee.  SVS PAC provides the resources for SVS volunteers and staff to attend fundraising events for influential members of Congress and congressional candidates to discuss issues that have a direct impact on vascular surgeons and their patients. Please make a contribution online by using a personal credit/debit card or by mail using a personal check. 

Capitol Club Members - $1000 or More

Brian R. Beeman, MD

Benjamin B Chang, MD

Michael C Dalsing, MD

R. Clement Darling, III, MD

Mark W Fugate, MD

Stephen J Hoenig, MD

Brad L. Johnson, MD

Paul B Kreienberg, MD

Peter F Lawrence, MD

Michel S Makaroun, MD

Lawrence I. Mallon, MD

Mark A Mattos, MD, FACS

J Gregory Modrall, MD

Kathleen J Ozsvath, MD, FACS

Sean P Roddy, MD

Claude R Roland, MD

Russell H Samson, MD

Marc L Schermerhorn, MD

Susan M Shafii, MD

Sherene Shalhub, MD MPH



SVS PAC Automatic Donors

Babak Abai, MD

Dale Buchbinder, MD, FACS

Ruth L Bush, MD, JD, MPH

Randall Rich DeMartino, MD

Adam J Doyle, MD

Matthew J Eagleton, MD

Robert J Feezor, MD

Anil P Hingorani, MD

Stephen J Hoenig, MD

Neelima Katragunta, MD, FACS

Larry W Kraiss, MD

Timothy F Kresowik, MD

Mark A Mattos, MD, FACS

Richard F Neville, MD

Robert B Patterson, MD

Frank B Pomposelli, MD

Christopher J. Smolock, MD

Adam Tanious, MD, MMSc, RPVI

Karen Woo, MD