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The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) has partnered with Phairify to provide SVS members exclusive free access to vascular surgery-specific compensation, practice, and productivity data that can help you take control of your career.

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Learn Your Professional Value and Take Better Control of Your Career

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The SVS Compensation Study provides vascular surgeons with access to anonymous, crowdsourced compensation, practice, and productivity data specific to their specialty and practice situation. Empowered by data, vascular surgeons can expand their understanding of their value and how this should translate into worth.

Take advantage of your free and unlimited access to Phairify as an exclusive SVS member benefit. Leverage personalized market intelligence by completing the anonymous, 15-minute compensation and productivity study. The inclusion criteria is being a US-based active practicing physician and having a current email on file with SVS.

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To learn more about the benefits of Phairify, see the recent DeBakey CV Live interview and selected case study and article, below, and access more resources on Phairify's Resources page.

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Accessing and Using the Inform Database for Vascular Surgery

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