Diabetes Awareness Month: The utility of SVS branding fliers for diabetic foot ulcers

Nov 08, 2020

By Beth Bales

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. The Branding Toolkit (see cover story) can help SVS members promote the valuable care they provide those with the disease.

One of the three customizable condition fliers currently available covers diabetic foot ulcers (the other two address abdominal aortic aneurysms, or AAAs, and chronic limb-threatening ischemia, or CLTI). Surgeons can highlight awareness of diabetic foot ulcers by sending the flier—customized and personalized with contact information— to referring physicians and podiatrists.

The front of the flier outlines each condition, information on when to refer a patient, and the all-important question of “why” a provider should refer a patient with the condition to a vascular surgeon. The flier’s flip side includes clinical practice guidelines for diabetic foot ulcers and CLTI.

The toolkit also includes a flier—also customizable—directed to podiatrists, featuring three SVS members working with patients’ feet. Members can swap out the existing photos with ones of their own. Members can use the flier as a handout, an emailable PDF or as a fullpage print ad.

Visit vsweb.org/Branding for more information.

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