Branding & Valuation

Helping SVS Members Tell Their Comprehensive Story

The Society for Vascular Surgery has created Branding and Valuation resources to help you demonstrate the value your practice delivers in its local market and to enable you to have more effective conversations with referral sources and hospital leadership. 

Town Hall - July 30, 2020, 7:00 PM CDT
"Putting the New SVS Branding and Valuation Toolkits to Use"


The SVS is creating branding tools to help you communicate your comprehensive story to referral sources – currently focused on Primary Care Physicians and Podiatrists. SVS members are encouraged to download and use the following branding tools on your practice website, in presentations and in your practice communications:

The Public & Professional Outreach (PPO) Committee​ will launch a set of customizable, downloadable and printable branding tools during the "Putting the New SVS Branding and Valuation Toolkits to Use" Town Hall on July 30. Join us to learn how to customize and use these tools to promote your practice and engage with referral sources.

Customizable branding tools targeting Primary Care Physicians and Podiatrists will include:

  • Referral-focused web content
  • SVS Member email graphics and content
  • A Referral Brochure
  • Audience specific:
    • Flyers and Print Ads
    • Display and Social Media Posts and Ads
    • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Vascular Condition Flyers

How-to guides will be provided to help you customize these tools and set up digital and social campaigns for your practice. Tools targeting consumers and other audiences will be developed later in 2020.


Vascular Surgery is an essential component of a hospital’s overall surgical program and performance.

Often under-valued in the eyes of health system leadership, it is critical that health system leaders understand:

  • Vascular surgery is necessary for a safe operating room environment and has a significant impact on lowering mortality and morbidity
  • Vascular surgery enables many other service lines that are significant revenue generators for a health system
  • Vascular surgery, endovascular and vascular medical care represent significant growth opportunities due to increasing prevalence and incidence nationally

Under the leadership of the SVS Valuation Work Group the Value of Vascular Surgery Report was developed in partnership with Sg2, the premier authority in health care trends, insights, and market analytics.  The report provides objective data compiled from Sg2 and external sources, including analysis of national trends, to measure the importance and financial impact of vascular services to health systems. 

SVS members are encouraged to download the report and summary presentation and participate in the "Putting the New SVS Branding and Valuation Toolkits To Use" Town Hall on July 30 to learn how to use these resources to engage with your hospital leadership.

  • Value of Vascular Surgery Report
  • Summary Presentation
  • Crawford Critical Issues Forum Presentation "Value of the Vascular Surgeon to the Health Care System", June 20, 2020
  • Coming Soon - JVS publication "The Value of the Modern Vascular Surgeon to the Health Care System: A Report from the Society for Vascular Surgery Valuation Work Group"

Distribution to Sg2 member organizations:  On June 25, 2020, the report will be released as the featured story in This Week from Sg2 reaching Sg2’s membership of 220 healthcare organizations representing more than 1,600 not for profit, for profit and academic health system providers.  In addition, Sg2 experts and intelligence team will share this document with their members interested in developing or strengthening their vascular program and it will be accessible on the Sg2 website as a resource.

Future SVS member support: The SVS Valuation Work Group and Sg2 are committed to helping SVS members advance vascular surgery at their hospital or health system.  SVS and Sg2 are actively exploring solutions that will provide hospitals and vascular surgeons with the support and resources they need to augment or accelerate local transformation of vascular services.

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