Previous Cohorts

Congratulations to the 2021 LDP cohort!

Babak Abai, MDRandall R. DeMartino, MDKimberly T. Malka, MD, PhDTze-Woei (Kevin) Tan, MD
Nathan J. Aranson, MDYana Etkin, MDLoren Masterson, MD, MBAAshley Vavra, MD
Jonathan Bath, MDEric S. Hager, MDPatrick E. Muck, MDYolanda L. Vea, MD
Elizabeth Blazick, MDJoseph P. Hart, MD, MHL, FACSMary Ottinger, MDGabriela Velazquez-Ramirez, MD
Kathryn E. Bowser, MDFernando L. Joglar, MDMichael Siah, MDCourtney J. Warner, MD
LeAnn A. Chavez, MDErin Koelling, MDMatthew R. Smeds, MDTimothy Wu, MD


Congratulations to the 2020 LDP cohort!  

Charles Bailey, MDRoan Glocker, MDShang A. Loh, MDBenjamin J. Pearce, MD, FACSJonathan A. Schor, MD
Dawn M. Coleman, MDJustin B. Hurie, MDFatemeh Malekpour, MDDanielle M. Pineda, MDMarcus Semel, MD
Young Erben, MDMisty D. Humphries, MD, MAS, RPVI, FACSMichael M. McNally, MDAshish Raju, MD, RPVI, FACSMargaret C. Tracci, MD, JD
Uwe Fischer, MDNii-Kabu Kabutey, MDNicolas J. Mouawad, MD, MPH, MBA, RPVIJean Marie Ruddy, MDMohamed A. Zayed, MD, PhD
Kristina Giles, MDMichael D. Lieb, DOMark A. Patterson, MDEvan Ryer, MDJill Zink, MD


Program Feedback

“The SVS Leadership Development Program has helped me to re-focus my goals as I enter the second stage of my career. The opportunity to hear from leaders within our small specialty who have had success at an institutional level gives me hope for the changes I would like to make in my current work environment. More than anything, though, it is the camaraderie and relationships renewed and developed that have re-invigorated my outlook for the future.” 

“The course helped to give me a solid foundation to understand my interactions, and I began to observe myself and modify my actions and communications accordingly.”

“I feel that this had a positive effect on my leadership in this position and I was able to more effectively guide meetings and tasks to accomplish our goals.” 

“The most important take away for me has been the understanding that whether or not I am technically responsible for various aspects of an undertaking, in order to contribute as a leader, I must take ownership of being self-aware in seeking to understand the talents and motivations of those involved, working to inspire the heart with regard to dedication to common goals, and being open to frank feedback.”

“The most important lesson I learned from this program is that leadership is more about letting go of control than taking control.  By allowing the rest of the team members to flourish in their own roles, the entire team benefits.”