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Letter from President Darling: The Team is the Theme

Vascular Clinic l Dr. Josualdo Euzebio  da Silva//Biocor Hospital
The staff of the Vascular Clinic, Biocor Hospital, Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil

Please send a photo of your vascular staff

Dear Colleagues:
I'm sure you would agree that healing vascular patients is a team effort. The surgeon plays a large role, but so do the nurses, the physician assistants, and every other staff person who makes a difference in the health of our patients.

The theme for this year's Vascular Annual Meeting is “Home of the Vascular Team – Partners in Patient Care.” The theme promotes working together across silos to improve outcomes for patients. We know how important our nurses, nurse practitioners and PAs are in assuring that patients heal. This theme celebrates and honors their contributions.

As a way to promote that idea, I am asking you to send us a photo of as many people in your vascular team as you are able to gather. Your picture doesn't have to be perfect, and your staff doesn't have to be attending VAM (though we hope they come). Please send it to by May 15. You'll see more details below, or when you click that address.

We'll use your team photo in social media and in slide shows around the meeting event to commemorate the hard work our vascular teams do every day.

I hope that you and your whole team will be with us in Boston June 20-23 and get a chance to see their photo displayed. But even if they cannot all come, let them know they matter -- send a photo!

Thank you!
Dr. R. Clement Darling III, president
Society for Vascular Surgery

NOTE: By sending us your photo, you assert that everyone pictured agrees to let SVS use the image in association promotions.


  • Photos do not have to be professional; a cellphone snapshot is sufficient. Casual, in-office poses are recommended
  • Include nurses, PAs, other tech staff and the surgeon – whoever can be coaxed into the photo
  • Email the photo to and be sure to include:
  • The name of the person submitting
  • The name of your office and/or institution and its location
  • Whether anyone in your photo is attending VAM18 in Boston (and if so, who?)
  • Optional: tell us how working together across silos has improved care for your patients
  • This wording in your email: “By sending this photo to SVS, I acknowledge that the people pictured have agreed to let this image be used by SVS in VAM promotions, social media and online”
  • Photos are due May 15!