What has SVS PAC ever done for you?

Mar 31, 2020


Imagine that you are telling your lay friends about what you do for a living. You have to explain the difference between arteries and veins. And then you find that you need to clarify that you do not, in fact, operate on the heart.

It doesn’t get too much farther down the road than this, when, under usual circumstances, you are met with a combination of awe and indifference. Awe because— well—people like gory stories, and indifference because, in the end, they can’t ever really relate to it.

Now imagine telling the same story to someone who could affect your livelihood. The story would actually be very different. You might focus on the trials and tribulations of your profession, flaws in healthcare delivery and difficulty with fair reimbursement. The problem under this scenario is that, usually, you confront difficulty in finding someone to listen to you.

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed for just this purpose—to provide a voice for vascular surgeons in Congress. It gives us the opportunity to shape legislation that affects the way we provide patient care. Indeed, it greatly impacts on our very livelihood.

Currently, only 5% of members of the SVS donate to the PAC. Why not consider taking the time to familiarize yourself with some of the legislative priorities for SVS? Help make a difference. Please give to the PAC.

Peter Connolly and Mark Mattos are members of the SVS PAC Steering Committee.

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