SVS Visits Capitol Hill

Jun 15, 2023
SVS visits Capitol Hill on June 13, 2023
SVS members went to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and staff.

Nearly 50 Society for Vascular Surgery members took advantage of the Vascular Annuals Meeting’s location near Washington, D.C., visiting Capitol Hill Tuesday to discuss legislation related to vascular surgery issues with members of Congress and their staffs.

The meetings were based on geography, with members talking with their particular lawmakers and staff.

“The primary purpose of our trip to the Hill was to establish relationships that help the Society and its members become resources for the lawmakers and help educate them so they make well-informed decisions when weighing legislation,” said incoming SVS Advocacy Council Chair Dr. Margaret Tracci. “We want them to ask themselves, ‘What do the vascular surgeons think?’ “

Progress in advocacy is made through the development of key relationships with members of Congress and their staffs, particularly those who work on health care legislation, said Executive Director Kenneth Slaw, PhD.

“The presence of 50 vascular surgeons and staff on the Hill could not be more timely or meaningful in that relationship-building process,” he said. “During the nearly 100 meetings, participants talked about the need to ensure that there is a viable and vibrant workforce of vascular surgeons,” he added. The day ended on a positive note plus momentum from members of Congress who said they understand the critical issues and are willing to help SVS get them resolved over the next couple of years.

“It was a very successful and productive day and reinforces that SVS and members have a regular presence on Capitol Hill going forward.”

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