SVS Town Halls seek to help steer members out of choppy COVID-19 waters

Apr 30, 2020


The vascular world has gone through a dramatic change. The normal to which vascular surgeons had become accustomed has vanished almost overnight. As the realities of the approaching COVID-19 pandemic have begun to crystalize, the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) started to set the stage for what was about to re-arrange the specialty for some time to come.

Among the first SVS maneuvers was to set in motion a series of Town Hall events covering the many implications for vascular specialists. The virtual arena quickly became a platform for meaningful dialogue, dealing with the immediate clinical implications for vascular procedures. Becoming a weekly event, the Town Halls have tackled such issues as impact on education and training, and the safe practice of the vascular lab. As the series details, what awaits vascular surgery on the other side of the pandemic is delicately poised.

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