SVS births brand new Communications Committee

Jan 03, 2021

By Beth Bales

The SVS Communications Committee, equipped with three subcommittees, is a new addition for 2021.

Chaired by the SVS secretary, Amy Reed, MD, the committee consists of leadership from Pulse; Vascular Specialist; Audible Bleeding; and the SVS Membership, Public and Professional Outreach (PPO) and Program committees; COVERS (Coalition for Optimization of Vascular Surgery Trainees and Students); SVS Town Halls; the Wellness Task Force; and the Journal of Vascular Surgery diversity, equity and inclusion editor

It will help shape and align member communication topics and improve engagement across all Society for Vascular Surgery channels and communications vehicles.

vehicles. The overall Communications Committee will focus on highlevel strategy and will help integrate communications across all SVS entities, including the Society itself, the SVS Foundation, the Political Action Committee and the Patient Safety Organization, which operates the Vascular Quality Initiative (VQI).

The three sub-committees cover social media engagement, PPO and the website oversight. Committee composition is set to be announced early in the year.

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