Branding Your Practice to Referring Physicians


A key component of the SVS branding campaign is consistent, credible messaging to primary care physicians to include in all SVS communications and reinforced by SVS membership. The following messages, based on research of referring physicians, address the concerns that referring physicians have about referring patients to vascular surgeons. Consider personalizing these messages with your name or practice. Use this messaging in communications to referring physicians to solidify your expertise.

Vascular surgeons are the most qualified to diagnose and treat vascular disease.

  • Experts in the treatment of vascular disease
  • Pioneers in development of non-invasive procedures
  • Specialists in time-honored operative techniques for severe conditions

Vascular surgeons are the only physicians today that offer all the treatment options available for vascular disease.

  • Medical management
  • Minimally invasive, catherter-based procedures
  • Open bypass surgery

Only when a patient sees a vascular surgeon will they be assured to receive care most appropriate to their condition.

  • Accurately diagnosed
  • Access to all treatment options
  • Long-term patient care

Vascular surgeons have partnered with primary care physicians in managing patients with vascular disease for more than 50 years.

  • Create “patients for life” – ongoing treatment partnership
  • Work together to advance vascular health


One of the key challenges in the branding effort is to capture, in a few words, an essential description of the specialty and its relationship to and benefit for referring physicians. Based upon research, the following descriptors are most effective.

  • Partners in Vascular Health
  • Comprehensive Vascular Care
  • The Standard of Care in Vascular Health
  • Experts in Vascular Treatments
  • Vascular Surgeons: The Standard of Care in Vascular Health
  • Primary Care Physicians and Vascular Surgeons: Partners in Comprehensive Vascular Care

Hosting Dinner Meetings for Referring Physicians

This information includes step-by-step instructions on hosting a dinner meeting with existing and potential referring physicians.

Integrated Brand Communications Study Report [PDF]

Appendix A - Overall Results [PDF]