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Each year the SVS Clinical Practice Council asks SVS members to complete an Annual Practice Trends Survey. Results from this survey help the Council identify trends and key issues to direct further development of tools and resources.

To further help SVS members better meet challenges they are facing in their practices (as reported in the 2015 SVS Annual Practice Trends Survey, see below), the Society is working with an esteemed legal health firm to produce a series of hot topic articles and webinars to address specific issues of concerns.

Exploring Potential Business Ventures, Amy J. McCullough, J.D., Polsinelli PC

Exploring Potential Business Ventures is focused on ways to expand existing practices to include an in-office vascular surgical suite or to establish a free-standing ambulatory surgery center individually or in partnership with a hospital or complementary specialty group.

Although in recent SVS Practice Trends Surveys (see below) less than half of the membership said their practices currently have financial interests in centers focused on imaging, venous, office-based endovascular procedures and ambulatory surgery, these numbers have been slowly rising over the past few years with more vascular surgeons entering these business ventures

To further help those members contemplating such an opportunity, this article highlights the legal, financial, and operational considerations to keep in mind when pursuing potential business ventures, as well key questions to consider before moving forward.

Graying Gracefully in the Medical Profession? Amy J. McCullough, J.D., Polsinelli PC

Results from the 2015 Practice Survey reflect that nearly one-third of current Society for Vascular Surgery members are aged 60 or older (see below).

Graying Gracefully in the Medical Profession? provides an overview of issues commonly faced by aging physicians and how these aging issues can be addressed.

From the articleFor many physicians, practicing medicine is not just what they do, but who they are. Thus, it is important for all health care providers – whether hospitals or private practices – to cautiously and respectively approach this sensitive subject by carefully planning in advance how to address the realities of our aging physician population without devaluing or undervaluing the careers built and wisdom provided by these physicians.

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