Social Media Ambassador Program

At the beginning of 2019, the Society for Vascular Surgery launched the Social Media Ambassador Program. This provides an opportunity for vascular-focused medical students, general surgery residents and trainees to become involved within the society.


  • Understand the general concept of social media, the benefits of SVS membership and be a member in good standing.
  • Be an advocate for the SVS – whether that be on social media, within their program, at VSIGs, meetings, etc.
  • Provide honest feedback to the SVS social media team.
  • Optional - Post about SVS meetings, articles, promotions, etc. on personal social media accounts

Our first group of ambassadors have exceeded expectations with their involvement. We are happy to highlight them below.


Christopher Cappellini

Chris Cappellini is from Philadelphia, PA. He is a general surgery resident at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is interested in pursuing a vascular surgery fellowship because the field truly encompasses saving life and limb, the anatomy is intriguing, and it is a technically challenging specialty that keeps the surgeon humble. His current research includes the benefits, outcomes, and complications of Transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR). He plans to present his research at national vascular meetings within the next year.

Marvin Chau

Marvin is a third-year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine (PSCOM). He was born and raised right outside of D.C. in Northern Virginia. Outside of school, he enjoys working out at the gym, soccer, and watching hip-hop choreography videos.

During his first year of medical school, he served as the secretary of PSCOM’s Vascular Surgery Interest Group and become President his second year. Working closely with the faculty and staff, he has brought more awareness and exposure of Vascular Surgery to potential students. 

Vascular Surgery aligns with Marvin’s career interests due to the technical and innovative technological approaches to addressing vascular disease. This field enables one to participate in complex life-saving and finer delicate operations. 

Natasha Edman

Natasha is a 2nd-year MD-PhD student at the University of Washington, and originally hails from California. Currently she’s doing her PhD at the Institute for Protein Design, building new proteins from scratch for use in novel therapeutics.

She became hooked on vascular after shadowing an open TAAA repair in her first quarter of medical school. Since then she has served as leader of UW’s Vascular Surgery Interest Group, working with their enthusiastic vascular faculty to increase student awareness of this fascinating specialty.

Vascular surgery appeals to her because it demands a high degree of technical skill to treat a variety of severe conditions. She also values the combination of acute, life-saving care and long-term patient relationships that span decades and often involve entire families. She believes it’s an exciting field with consistent opportunities for self-improvement and innovation in patient care.

Tushar Garg

Tushar is a final year medical student, from Mumbai, India. He is currently working with the Endovascular Surgery Department in Seth GS Medical College & KEM Hospital on a project about Pediatric Vascular Malformations.

He became interested in endovascular surgery during his 2nd year of medical school, and is since then, he has worked on multiple projects and presented them in various international conferences. He has a special interest in Vascular Molecular Biology and Molecular Imaging and will be presenting a poster on Natural History and Molecular Biology of Cerebrovascular Arteriovenous Malformations at ASFNR Annual Symposium, 2019.

Sreedharan Kannathasan

Sreedharan Kannathasan is a final year MD candidate in Dalhousie Medical School, and the incoming vascular surgery resident at McGill Vascular Surgery. He first discovered vascular surgery during his pre-clerkship surgery elective. The surgeon, who is now his mentor, was almost finished operating on an abdominal aortic aneurysm via a retroperitoneal approach. He thought it was the single most beautiful anatomical exposure he’d ever seen. Sreedharan later came to appreciate all vascular exposures, as they are innately beautiful when done at the hands of a skilled surgeon. He believes there are very few things in life that feel as satisfying as unclamping a vessel post anastomosis, hearing triphasic doppler waveforms in a previously pulseless foot, seeing dye flush through a non-stenotic artery and watching a wheelchair-bound patient walk again. Many vascular patients lack a lot of the privileges that most people take for granted, such as a stable financial situation, access to adequate housing, healthcare and nutrition. There are some individuals that have truly been dealt a poor deck of cards in life and Sreedharan believes that taking care of them would ultimately help him become a more empathetic human being.

Ken Malave-Ramos

Ken R. Malave-Ramos is a third-year medical student at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Puerto Rico. Vascular surgery appeals to him because it allows him to impact the lives of patients both in the short-term (through surgery) and long-term (through follow-ups). He has always found excitement in new challenges. Vascular surgery is a challenging specialty because of the technicality and precision applied during surgical procedures. The openness to the development of new innovating surgical techniques is one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession. It is a specialty that will allow his creative process to roam free. Becoming a vascular surgeon will push his understanding of how different surgical procedures can impact how the vascular system reacts to changes in physiological conditions.

His interest in the vascular system peaked when he participated in the NHLBI at the Framingham Heart Study. There, he was able to learn more about the prevalence of certain diseases that affect the vascular system. His ultimate goal is to gain more exposure in the upcoming years as well as become more involved in the Society of Vascular Surgery.  

Therese Massri

Therese was born in Aleppo, Syria, but at a very young age her family decided to move to North America. She is currently a fourth-year medical student in Chicago, IL, and will be graduating from Saint James SOM, where she was also a pathology Teaching Assistant.

Therese has been an honor student her whole life and aims to fill gaps in areas of vascular medicine, a field she grew passionate about because of the broad spectrum of pathology it entails. She is a member of the Ad-Hoc Center for Vascular Awareness V-Healthy®committee and aspires to contribute to vascular disease prevention, detection and treatment on a global level. She has a passion for health education and her research interests are centered on the complexities of geriatric care imposed by concurrent comorbidities, such as frailty and mental health.

Katherine Morrow

Katherine Morrow is a fourth-year medical student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH. She grew up in New Jersey and studied biology at the University of Notre Dame. Katherine became interested in vascular surgery through her clinical research projects at University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic, and further solidified that interest during clinical rotations in vascular surgery. She is drawn to vascular surgery because of the wide range of open and endovascular procedures, the ability to operate throughout the whole body, and the longitudinal aspect of patient care. Katherine has worked with her school’s Vascular Surgery Interest Group, helping to raise awareness of vascular surgery among medical students at CWRU. She is currently applying for integrated vascular surgery residency programs.

Robin Osofsky

Robin Osofsky is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a general surgery resident at the University of New Mexico Hospital. Currently he is pursuing a vascular surgery research fellowship, which he began in July 2019. His research interests include carotid body tumors, ECMO, dialysis access and 3D printing. He plans to apply to a 5+2 vascular surgery fellowship after he returns to his clinical duties in 2021. He also plans to attend present at as many vascular meetings as he can during his research years.

Jason Park

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Jason is a medical student at Boston University School of Medicine and a transgender medicine researcher at both the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, Boston Medical Center, MA and The Fenway Institute, Fenway Health, MA. Currently on his research year, Jason serves as the principal investigator on several on-going clinical epidemiology studies that focus on the intersection between transgender medicine and vascular surgery.

Jason realized his passion for vascular surgery after he noticed that he could not stop talking to everyone about scrubbing into his first vascular case – a popliteal-to-dorsalis pedis bypass with reverse great saphenous. Since then, he has received the SVS 2019 Medical Student Research Fellowship Award, under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Siracuse at Boston Medical Center, to support his research on vascular complication among transgender patients on hormone therapy. He also serves on the SVS Health Information Technology Task Force and hopes to use technology as a way to streamline vascular surgeon workflow, strengthen physician-patient relationship, and, ultimately, improve vascular patient care.

Simona Sica

Simona is a 4th year medical student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, Italy. She is currently interning at the Unit of Vascular Surgery of Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli.

She’s fascinated by vascular surgery and the role blood vessels play as the cornerstone of the body. Thus, her deep love for vascular surgery is the main reason why she has decided to get involved with the SVS Social Media Ambassadors Program.

She had the chance to attend the last Vascular Annual Meeting in Washington and found it to be an amazing experience. Meeting people from different backgrounds and establishing relationships and discussions on latest trends and future implications was a great opportunity. She believes that knowledge comes not only from books, but from enriching personal experiences as well.

Simona hopes to be challenged and have increasingly stimulating adventures to improve her skills on a daily basis. She believes there are two secrets for a successful career: practice and being kind.

Tony Trung Nguyen

Tony is from Houston, Texas and is a 3rd-year medical student at University of Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine in San Antonio Texas. His aspiration for vascular surgery began when he met his mentor, Dr. Lyssa Ochoa, and explored the specialty further through Houston Methodist’s Cardiovascular Educational videos and shadowing his mentors.

He ultimately chose vascular surgery due to the adaptability of highly technical procedures with patient’s vasculature, the longevity of patient relationships, and the incorporation of technology and pursuit of innovation in the specialty. His research interests include diversity and inclusion in the medical community, education in vascular surgery and aortic pathology.

Lauren West-Livingston

Lauren is from Buffalo, NY and is a MD/PhD student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is completing her dissertation at WFIRM on tissue-engineered vascular grafts. She loves the vascular surgery specialty because of the diverse and innovative approaches to patient care. In addition to vascular, she also loves her husband, their dogs and hip-hop!

In February 2019, Lauren attended the Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS) conference and wrote up a summary of her experience, which you can read here. She also spearheaded an upcoming Social Media Ambassador program campaign, “Frequently Vasc Questions,” where the Ambassadors will interview vascular surgery trainees or physicians and share on social media.

Interested in becoming a SVS Social Media Ambassador?

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