Find a VSIG

Below is a list of current V-SIGs with their contact information. If there is not a V-SIG in your area, please refer to the V-SIG toolkit for how to start one. If you are interested in starting a V-SIG, fill out the registration form. Also refer to the list of designated V-SIG faculty members who have indicated they are willing to help students establish a V-SIG at their respective institution.​


InstitutionSponsorGroup ContactOther Resources

Emory University School of Medicine Faculty

Ravi Rajani, MD

Zachary Fang


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Rami Tadros, MD

Kenneth Nakazawa


Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Jason Chiriano, MD

Laura Oppegard


Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans

Malachi Sheahan, MD

Marisa Pappas


Loyola University Medical Center

Bernadette Aulivola, MD

Tony Peter


McGill University




Northeast Ohio Medical University

Drazen Petrinec, MD

Raymond Kennedy


Penn State Hershey College of Medicine  

Faisal Aziz, MD

David Li


The Cleveland Clinic

Christopher J. Smolock, MD
Jean Kang, MD

Sean Steenberge


The Ohio State University

Jean Starr, MD

Elizabeth Kudlaty

University of Alberta

Jason Bayne, MD

Siddharth Shinde


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Matthew Smeds, MD

Collins Scott


University of Central Florida, College of Medicine

Adam Levitt, MD

Benjamin Eslahpazir


University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Amit Jain, MD

Brent Robertson


University of Michigan

John Rectenwald, MD

Anna Eliassen


University of Nebraska Medical Center

Alexey Kamenskiy, PhD
Jason MacTaggart, MD

William Poulson, MD


University of Pennsylvania

Paul J. Foley, MD III

Alex Sotolongo


University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Lori L Pounds, MD

Bryant Huang


University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)

Charlie Cheng, MD

Kaled Diab


University of Toronto

George Oreopoulos, MD



University of Washington

Sheren Shalhub, MD
Niten Singh, MD

Kelli Hicks


Virginia Commonwealth University

Michael Amendola, MD

Kaila Redifer