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International Relations

SVS recognizes the growing importance of vascular surgery worldwide. As of December 2019, there were SVS members in 50 countries.  

International Membership

SVS International membership is available to surgeons outside the United States and Canada. Applications are now reviewed on a quarterly basis. Deadlines are on the first of the month in March, June, September and December.

SVS Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive use of SVS member logo in correspondence and practice information
  • Discounted dues for members in some countries
  • Discounted Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) registration fees for many countries
  • Free online subscriptions to Journal of Vascular Surgery and Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 
  • Eligibility to compete for SVS awards and scholarships including international traveling fellowship
  • Opportunity to participate in the International Forum at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM)
  • International guest reception immediately following the International Forum at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM)

International members also enjoy the full benefits of membership, except they cannot vote on society business, hold elected office or serve as members of the Councils or Board of Directors.

Vascular Annual Meeting

The Vascular Annual Meeting is considered the premier meeting on vascular health. In addition to the outstanding sessions presented by leading vascular surgeons, the meeting offers opportunities to network with colleagues, experience the latest technology, and share knowledge. World-renowned researchers present their studies and findings during the meeting. Postgraduate courses provide in-depth knowledge on current vascular health topics.

International Forum

The 2018 International Forum featured research by authors from throughout the world. The forum took place on Wednesday, June 20 at the 2018 Vascular Annual Meeting in Boston. International authors presented abstract selections and each speaker had five minutes to present with an additional five minutes allotted for discussion. Abstracts from around the world were selected for this session.

International Scholars Program

The International Scholars Program provides scholarships to four qualified young vascular surgeons from countries outside North America to attend the Vascular Annual Meeting and visit medical and university sites following the meeting to observe clinical, teaching, and research activities in the United States and Canada. Since 2008, SVS has hosted 34 scholars from all over the world, including countries such Australia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ireland, Latvia, Peru, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey. The scholarship program is funded in part by the Haimovici Endowment.

SVS International Chapters 

There are thirteen existing SVS International chapters. International members are welcome to create international chapters in their country or region

Global Benefits of International Chapters

  • Close ties among vascular specialists worldwide will benefit the specialty by providing a global perspective
  • An opportunity for international societies to affiliate with the premier vascular society in North America
  • Access to a Speakers Bureau for international meetings
  • Opportunity to participate in an international paper forum at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM)

Existing International Chapters

Argentine Chapter 

President: Mariano Ferreira
Vice-President: Guillermo Garelli
Secretary: Elvio Demicheli
Secretary Substitute: Javier Rodriguez Asensio
Medical Auditor: Jorge Valdecantos

Brazilian Chapter

President: Arno von Ristow
Vice-President: Gutenberg Amaral Gurgel
General Secretary: Marcelo Rodrigo de Souza Moraes

Past President: Fausto Miranda Jr.

China Chapter

President: Shenming Wang
Vice-President(s): Changwei Liu, Zaiping Jing, Weiguo Fu, Zhong Chen, Wei Guo
Secretary General: Wei Guo
Vice Secretary General: JinSong Wang   
China Bylaws

Colombian Chapter 

President: Rafael Garrido-Solano
Vice-President: Ignacio Ucros-Diaz
Secretary: Daniel Imbaburu-Lizarralde
Secretary Substitute: Alejandro Molina-Hernandez
Medical Auditor: Diego Fajardo-Saavedra   
Colombia Bylaws

Egyptian Chapter

President: Ashraf M. Hidayet 
President Elect: Hassan Soliman
Vice President: Saeed Al Mallah
Secretary General: Ahmed A. Taha
Egypt Bylaws

German Speaking Chapter

President: Werner Lang
Vice-President: Tina Cohnert
Secretary: Lorenz Gürke
German Speaking Bylaws​​

Hungarian Chapter (Emerick D. Szilágyi Society) 

President: Csaba Dzsinics
Secretary: Lajos Matyas 
Treasurer: István Mogan
Hungary Bylaws

India Chapter

President: Kumud Rai

Italian Chapter

President: Carlo Setacci
Vice-President: Piergiorgio Settembrini
Secretary: Piergiorgio Cao
Italy Bylaws​

Japan Chapter

President: Kimihiro Komori

Mexico Chapter

2021 Congreso Vascular LIII

President: Daphne Nunille Gonzalez, MD
José Antonio Muñao Prado, MD
Ignacio Escotto Sánchez, MD
Vanessa Rubio Escudero, MD
Mexico Bylaws

Polish Chapter

President: Piotr Myrcha
Secretary: Stanisław Przywara
Poland Bylaws​

Taiwan Chapter

President: Chia-Hsun Lin
Vice-President: Fan-Yen Lee,  Po-Jen Ko
General Secretary: Chung-Dann Kan

How to Develop an SVS Chapter

International Relations Committee

The SVS International Relations Committee initiates and oversees SVS international activities.