International Membership


International membership may be granted to surgeons residing outside of the North America who have demonstrated knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and management of vascular disorders. 

How to apply

Download the application for international membership and submit the completed documentation by March 1.  
Two letters from physicians are required, one of which must be from an active or international SVS member; no more than one can be from someone with whom you have a financial relationship. The letters must comment on your commitment to, and practice of, vascular surgery. It is your responsibility to obtain the letters and submit them accordingly. 
In situations where two SVS members are not available to provide supporting letters, one letter may be from the leadership of your home vascular society and one letter from an SVS member. Your home society letter must attest to membership in good standing in the society and summarize your qualifications for SVS membership. 

International membership benefits 

  • Exclusive use of SVS member logo in correspondence and practice information 
  • Discounted dues for members in some countries 
  • Discounted Vascular Annual Meeting registration fees for many countries 
  • Free print subscriptions to the Journal of Vascular Surgery and Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 
  • Eligibility to compete for SVS awards and scholarships including international traveling fellowships
  • Opportunity to participate in an international paper forum at the Vascular Annual Meeting 
  • International guest reception at the Vascular Annual Meeting 
  • International members enjoy the full benefits and privileges of membership, except that they cannot vote on Society business, hold elected office or serve as members of the Councils or Board of Directors. 

Review process 

Completed applications are shared with the Membership Committee for review before the society’s annual business meeting. At the same time, the names of applicants are sent to the SVS membership for comments and recommendations. 

The Membership Committee provides the SVS Board of Directors with recommended applicants for board and membership approval during the annual business meeting. 

Applicants are notified of their application status by July 1. 

Any applicant who is not extended membership may reapply in subsequent years. A new application must be submitted, including two new letters of sponsorship. 


Please contact the membership department at or 800-258-7188.