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Welcome to the new Audible Bleeding-Journals of Vascular Surgery Podcast. This will be a monthly venture, featuring a highly touted article from the JVS along with another from our JVS-Venous and Lymphatic Disorders, JVS-Cases, Innovations and Techniques, and JVS-Vascular Science journals on a rotating basis. The podcast will feature the authors of the articles, specifically focusing on how they conceived the research, what important questions they answer in moving our field forward, and what roadblocks did they encounter in using the “scientific method” in bringing their work to fruition.

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Matthew C. Chia, MD MS
Chief Resident - Integrated, Division of Vascular Surgery, Northwestern Medicine
Editor, Audible Bleeding
Qingwen (Wen) Kawaji, MD, ScM
General Surgery PGYIV
Medstar Health Baltimore General Surgery
Editor, Audible Bleeding



AB-JVS Author Podcast Episodes

Episode links will be added as they become available.

Month Hosted By Articles Episode Link Release Date
Sept. 2022 Forbes/Andraska Listen in Sept. 18, 2022
Oct. 2022 Forbes/Deak, Varkevisser

Listen in Oct. 2, 2022
Nov. 2022 Smeds/Dowdy, Kraiss

Listen in Nov. 6, 2022
Dec. 2022     Coming soon!