SVS Clinical Research Priorities

The Society for Vascular Surgery research priorities were updated by the SVS Research Council in 2021-22 to help guide allocation of resources to high-priority areas. The Journal of Vascular Surgery​ article listing the final priorities and the process of determining those priorities is available here.

Read more about updating of the priorities in Vascular Specialist here, including the reasons for updating the priorities, plus the process involved. 

The 2011 priorities and the JVS article outlining that process are available here

The SVS Updated Research Priorities are

  1. Carotid disease
    • Develop diagnostic tools, imaging techniques and selection strategies aimed at identifying patients who would benefit from treatment of asymptomatic carotid stenosis.
    • Compare carotid interventions (CEA, TCAR, TFCAS – carotid endarterectomy, transcarotid revascularization, and transfemoral carotid artery stenting, respectively) with medical therapy for treatment of asymptomatic patients with carotid artery stenosis.
  2. Aortic disease
    • Develop personalized medicine and shared decision-making processes in the care of patients with aortic disease.
    • Determine best medical and surgical treatment algorithms for uncomplicated type B aortic dissections with the goal of improving survival and reducing complications.
  3. Lower extremity arterial disease
    • Define the natural history, pathophysiology and critical factors that affect outcomes and quality of life in patients with critical limb-threatening ischemia. 
    • Evaluate the long-term outcomes of current medical and interventional therapies for claudication with a focus on patient-centered outcomes (e.g., improving function, quality of life).
  4. Venous disease
    • Evaluate the safety, efficacy and role for endovenous thrombus clearance for deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  5. Dialysis
    • Define the optimal patient-centered approach to dialysis access.
  6. Health care disparities
    • Evaluate interventions aimed at improving vascular health in all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic populations.
  7. Vascular medicine/vascular health
    • Identify medical therapies and lifestyle modifications that can optimize vascular health, improve functional status, and increase longevity in patients with cardiovascular risk factors or known vascular disease.