Translating Guidelines into Practice: Management of Patients with Varicose Veins of the Lower Extremities. PART II


This session is based on the 2023 Society for Vascular Surgery, American Venous Forum, and American Vein and Lymphatic Society Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Varicose Veins of the Lower Extremities. 

Pre- and Post-Course Surveys

Before you watch the recording, you are encouraged to take the roundtable pre-survey to evaluate if the guideline recommendations are easy to translate into daily clinical practice.


Once you have completed the recording, you are encouraged to take the post-survey. This will help gauge what you have learned. 


Session Recording

This session will be helpful in expanding physician knowledge base and improving clinical confidence and effectiveness in treating patients with varicose veins. The session will address the latest guidelines in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with varicose veins, using duplex scanning. It will also cover adjuvant medical treatment with available nutritional supplements, compression therapy, open surgical and percutaneous endovenous therapies for lower extremity varicosities, including thermal and non-thermal ablations of the great, small and accessory saphenous veins. The treatment of thrombotic complications of venous interventions and superficial thrombophlebitis as well as concomitant or staged treatment of varicose tributaries with sclerotherapy or mini-phlebectomy will also be discussed.

The faculty will use case vignettes to design treatment strategies and demonstrate how to put the recommendations from the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines into practice.

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